Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What brings you back?

I am sitting here listening to my music and working away and things from the past keep popping in my head... I find it very interesting that certain songs, smells, tastes, pictures, etc... can take you back to your past. I thought it would be fitting to reminisce and disclose some things that "bring me back".

-  "The Toadies" - yes the good ole band and anything from their "Rubberneck" album. You could play any song off there and I pretty much head back to high-school.

- "Candlebox" - listening to this band for hours in my room turned up super loud - crying to songs that resonated with me and jamming out to others - and an honorable mention to No Doubt - man.. "Just a Girl" was one always on "repeat"!!!

-  The smell of "Gus's Pretzels" - reminds me of grade school and the days they would bring in the pretzels and you could buy them for a quarter. YUM!!!!!

-  Just seeing any kid in an uniform brings back my "private school" memories of waking up in the morning - throwing on my jumper/skirt, brushing my hair and teeth and running out the door - not worrying about what other's thought about my looks. Oh and making sure my skirt was "finger tip length" - LOL... I was sent home once for that - thanks Sr. Maureen!!!

- The smell of our high-school gym during one of our dances. I can vividly remember the smell of the decorations, the wood floor, and sweat all rolled into one - ahhhh the good ole times. I love dressing up!

-  When I see a Blue Pontiac Sunbird - reminds me of soccer practice - not sure where that connection is made but my mind goes there. My first car was fun:)

-  The smell of fried chicken takes me back to my first job (when I was 15 1/2) at Lemmons Restaurant - it might have been a blue haired establishment but the chicken and lemon meringue pie were FABULOUS!!! Man.. I really wish I could still get that chicken. I remember being he hostess and watching everyone out the window in the front - still love to "people watch".

Purple Passion - nuff said.. LOL

-  The smell of snow always takes me back to Beth's mom's house on New Years Eve and drinking champagne for the 1st time - ummm thanks Tony!!!! LOL.. Good sweet bubbly..

- I can remember the smell of Carondelet Park - walking many nights through there... to/from Beth's house and many, many, many other memories there - some pleasant and some not so much.

- Bridget's basement/pool - just that thought puts a smile on my face. Wonderful memories there!!!

- Any big square pizza (not IMOS) brings me back to PIZZA DAY in high school - my favorite day in the cafeteria.

- The smell of fingernail polish (formaldehyde) reminds me of dissecting that frog/sheeps eye/and pig - I know sick and it is hard for me to go into nail shop because of it. LOL

-  I can still remember the smell of The Offsets - water/beer/trash all rolled into one - hahaha:) Good times.. good times... Ohhhh someone burning a hole in my backseat - ha ha ha:)

- Every time I see a holey green backpack - brings me back to college and meeting Eric riding his bike with his backpack on. SWEET!!!!

- Dirty mop/cigarette smell brings me back to the Star Bar and college nights waiting for Eric to get off after his "bouncing" gig... HA HA HA

- I can still remember the smell of Ellis Dorm - weird... and doing Tae Bo in the halls - ba ha ha...

- Clinque Happy has Beth's name written ALL over it. Never fails every time I smell it - Beth is in my head.

- Oh and the smell and feel the morning of "breakfast of champions" - I loved that morning!!! GO MULES!

Okay Okay Okay.. I could go on for years.... So what brings you back?

Monday, August 15, 2011

My favorite part...

Okay today's post is going to be random and something that is "on my mind". I know... I bet you  will know what I have been thinking about all day - after reading this. So I pose the question - what do you LOVE most about your other half/boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife, etc? So I am going to break this down into the "physical" and the "not physical". Then I will end with my LEAST favorite..

Okay my favorite physical part would have to be the neck - the good ole fashion Traps. I love a good thick trap on a man - hahahahaha:) Okay that was sick... BUT I do. When those neck muscles flare up like a big peacock - OMG sick again - I am on a roll today. I love a good neck that when you hug, you can feel, and it makes you feel safe. The upper back and trapezoids on a guy - will make me melt all the time. I love big upper bodies. Look at SWEET ole Goldberg (oh you didn't know I LOVED wrestling - well add that to the list of Mel surprises - hehehe). Yep he has a great neck - face well that is another story.

Okay "non-physical" part - I am big on a guy being able to go out and be-friend others. I am very much into a man who can "fend for himself" in social situations. I love to be out with my family/friends, and having a guy sit next to me the ENTIRE time and go everywhere I go - "yeah not gonna happen". I admire a guy who is confident enough to strike up a conversation with strangers - yet glance and wink at me from the other side of the room. I really admire confidence but in a sweet gentle way. Yes that is a HUGE plus for me.

Oh did I mention that my husband has BOTH of these qualities - hehehehe - I think I struck gold. Oh except for my LEAST favorite attribute - crusty feet. HAHAHAHAHA. Ya know the runner/work out/work out in the yard/walk a ton barefoot/wear boots/etc.. kind of feet. The scaley gross kind with sweet "hair toes". HAHAHAHA - YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep he has this one too. HAHAHA. At least he tries and puts lotion on them once in awhile. SICK!!!!!!! I think I just don't like feet in general - they are all so sick. Well I have to take that back - I love baby feet - Wes's are so cute right now - Eric's NOT SO MUCH!!!!!

Well those were some random things for today - yep LOVE traps and gentle confidence - don't really care for feet - hehehehe - "What up Monday?"!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Somethings NEVER get old...

Yes as the title states - Somethings never get old.... and that would be ROCK MUSIC!!!! I had the privilege to attend the Heart/Def Leppard concert last night at Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre with my DAD - and let me tell you - BEST.CONCERT.EVER (well besides when I saw Stevie Nicks). The Wilson sisters can belt it out like no other and they still sound as PURE PERFECTION as they did in the 70's. Look at how GORGEOUS these ladies are...


These ladies are still  magnificient and can ROCK a song like NO-OTHER!!!!! "Magic Man" , "These Dreams", "What about love" were three of my fav's from the night. I also REALLY enjoyed their renditions and covers of Led Zepplin and The Who. Ann certainly has one of the MOST amazing voices ever and Nancy rocks the guitar. She has NOT slowed down one bit. ROCK ON LADIES.. Check out the amazing band Heart

Okay so next was the big performance of the night - Def Leppard. Okay I am not going to lie - still makes me so excited to see these men hit the stage - YEP it does!!!!!!! LOL.. I am still in LURVE with the Joe Elliott and Rick Allen (drummer) still puts a BIG SMILE on my face. The stage performance was stellar - loved the lights, screens, etc... it really was in TRUE ROCK STYLE. "Photograph", "Pour Some Sugar On Me", "Foolin", "Animal", and "Love Bites" were just a few of my top fav's of the night. I couldn't help it, but I had to scream the ENTIRE time - yes I am hoarse today - but all for a GREAT night..

See not so shabby huh?????? Looking good guys after all these years!!!!!

Okay they look older - LOL... BA HA HA!!! I loved people watching and seeing the 45-60 year old women in their tight pants, Def Leppard band shirts, and rocking boots!!!!!! Lots of PUFFED hair too. It was epic... If you haven't been exposed to Def Leppard (ummm take my advice you should) - check them out Def Leppard

After a night of sipping Rum and Diet Coke, sitting in our great VIP box (thanks Fred Weber, Inc...), listening to my Dad tell me all about his concert experience as a "young lad", watching the AWESOME people around me, and soaking up the ROCK - I would have to say BEST.NIGHT.EVER!!!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Poundage help...

Okay peeps - I am on a mission to lose these last 8-10 lbs - they SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! I am eating right and running/working out - BUT I think I need something to boost my weight loss. Okay typical day:

4:30 a.m. - weights for upper body and stretching - do this in the basement before waking the kids.
8:00 a.m. - breakfast / wheat english muffin with NO FAT butter, Weight Watchers string cheese, and a banana
10:30 a.m. - walk a mile with my boss around the parking lot
11:00 a.m. - lunch / salad with low fat dressing, low fat yogurt, and Fiber One bar
2:30 p.m. - snack / fruit and Weight Watchers string cheese
5:30 p.m. - dinner / small portions of whatever I make for the family / dessert - handful of chocolate chips - hahaha (can't go a day without my chocolate).
7:00 p.m. - run my neighborhood and drink a ton of water
7:30 p.m. - low fat Popsicle

Okay so this looks good and all - but HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't lose these last 10 - and I can't STAND IT!! Should I take a supplement, cut out something, starve myself, etc..? WTH should I do? I am on a mission to lose these last 10 lbs by October 17th - my step sisters wedding. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - give me so advice - oh and Jenn your Peanut Butter Truffle Brownies are not helping me.. LOL


Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday - OUT!!!

This weekend is my Birthday Weekend - plan to spend it with down-time and a little family fun.. Tani tonight for sushi, summer b-day fun at my Mom's tomorrow, and Sunday ME DAY!!!!

Here's to a great weekend.... and to welcoming in being 31!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Annoying office "stuff"

Okay so today I sit here all sugared up from my b-day donuts - oh yes we bring our b-day treats ourselves and YES my b-day isn't until Sunday but hey "what the he**"...

So I bring to you - my most ANNOYING OFFICE "stuff"...

- People who wear their pants too tight and you can see every dimple in their bum... GROSS and not appropriate.

- People who eat so loud in their office that you want to yell "close your mouth".

-  People who hoard pens, pencils, staples, etc... and then if you ask them for something - they announce "Sorry I don't have any" - OKAY I saw you take 5 pens from the storage room this morning.

- People who talk on their cell phones in the halls - I CAN HEAR YOU... Oh yes I can hear you cuss out your teenager or tell your husband/wife/mistress to meet you after work for some "womp womp". Someone hand me a barf bag please..

- People who leave their lunch in the fridge until it grows hair - CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF!!!!

- Holiday sweaters - "nuff said"

- People who love to ask questions about questions - just listen to the answer and move on... for real this is WORK not a work group trying to prepare for a trivia night win.

- The words "I don't mean to bother you" - yes you do and come on in...

- Nastified toenails - put on some socks or closed toe shoes - no one likes looking at your corn or bunyun (spelling?).

- PUMPS - yes I said it - those squared chunky heeled pumps that we wore in the 80's. There is a thing called "kitten heels" and they are super cute - look em up...

- Seeing someone in the bathroom and they don't wash their hands - WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? I will never eat another of your potluck items or even shake your hand EVER again. I might even look at you differently - LOL...

- "Pity Me People" - those who love to tell about all their ailments... and have everyone talk about it.

- Those people who can NEVER be happy... Give them one thing and it is never enough.. Give them an inch and they take a mile.

Okay I could go on and on...

Ahhh... now I feel better - HAHAHAHA!

Monday, August 1, 2011

The things we do for those we love...

Yes the post says it all - okay, now I am NOT a fan of Country Music. I appreciate it but to say I listen to it on a regular basis and would turn it on in the car - "nah". I appreciate ALL music in general but would rather listen to a spectrum of Stevie Nicks (my ultimate favorite), Def Leppard, Tool, NIN, Smashing Pumpkins, Sick Puppies, etc... Okay you get it - I listen to 105.7 and 100.03. I also am a DANCING FOOL and I love to dance to 107.7 gets tuned into as well - love me some GaGa, LMFAO, RIRI, etc... yet my spectrum is vast, country just doesn't fit into it.

So Eric drug me to Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre last night to see Kenny Chesney - some Billy Curring(something) and Uncle Cracker (okay he is "alright"). We had VIP parking and sat in a VIP box - so that RULED but as far as to say I enjoyed it - not so much.. But I did enjoy seeing Eric look like this...

So wrap up - still don't find Kenny Chesney's tractor sexy and I probably won't ever attend another country music concert - BUT I love my husband:)