Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Felt the need...

Well I am freaking down with a nasty cold. I will recap what is up with the kids, Eric, and I and then I feel the need to share this with you all.

So let's start...

Elle - she is great - sassy as ever but turning into such a sweet girl. We went in to the ENT to check her tubes (she had ear tubes put in at 9 months and they should have fallen out by now). One tube has fallen out and the other we are going to "help" work out - it is almost out. So some Hydrogen Peroxide and some good pushin on the ear - will help this. Elle started Dance class at Studio C and is LOVING IT!!!!

She can write her name and can identify all the letters in the alphabet. She is learning to write all the letters at school (and we help her at home). Memory is her favorite game and we play it ALL the time - she is quite good. She keeps asking when she is going to "lose a tooth" and has figured out that pretty much she ROCKS Daddy and my world. She knows she owns it - and guess what.. I don't mind - her personality makes her who she is and I love her for it:) Our sassy sweetie.

Wes - he is doing awesome. Growing like a weed. He is such a boy - he throws things, hits things, eats dirt, plays rough, and flirts with the ladies:) He says "uh-oh", "da da", "ma ma", "ou ide" (outside), and pretty much talks his own gibberish - but he is SUCH a blabber mouth. I think we have another one who will never stop talking:) He can follow directions and understands WAY more than he says. He loves to "put things in the trash" and "put his shoes on". He is my love-bug - such a cuddly bumpkin and he melts my heart. LOVE HIM!!!!

He is such a joy to be around and so fun - our little (well big now) Wes man...

Eric and I - Eric is fine - same ole same ole. Loves to do his yard and enjoying the fall. We are enjoying our football and keeping the "faith alive" that the Cards will make the wild card slot "You gotta believe"! So our weekends are filled with sports to watch, kids to chase and play with, and fun to be had. Our patio covering starts today - agh!!!!!!!! I am excited but the mess - gah.... Oh well - will post pics when it is finished:)

Man I wish I had some fun things to report between us - but we are just hanging in there and doing the "family" thing. Fun stuff - right? LOL...

Anyways - wanted to post this as Nirvana is one of my fav's - Check it out - 20 Most Awesome - I "felt the need" to let you know:)

Well gotta run - hope you all are fab. What have you been up to these days - with fall approaching I am super motivated to get myself in shape and get playing "outside" - how about you?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thoughts for the day...

Today I have few words to spare. Just some random thoughts/opinions and a few pictures that will explain better.

Melanie's quotes for the day:

- I don't like secrets - secrets, secrets, are no fun - secrets, secrets ALWAYS hurt someone.

- Don't judge someone until you have walked in their shoes - all that shows is ignorance.

- Communication is the "key" to any relationship - and not from an email or txt - pick up the phone or face to face is even better. What has technology done to our verbal communication skills?

-  When in doubt - ask? Don't assume...

-  Trying to push your views, opinions, morals from your era on another one - won't do. Times change and so does everything with it. So the best way to deal with "time" is by embracing the changes - or if you can't embrace them - at least "try" to understand them.

-  Don't hold grudges - when you are gone...what have you truly proved?

-  Forgive those in past - it really helps you to be fully open to the future.

-  Dancing can take ANY bad/sad thought out of my mind and singing in the car is a MUST!

-  Pick your battles wisely.. I have REALLY learned from this one - if anyone knows me well, you know this is HARD for me, but through the years I have gotten better. (Shhh.. Don't ask Eric this one - he might think otherwise - LOL)

- Love our youth (teenagers) - even when it is hard - they are OUR children's future.

- Sometimes keeping your opinions to yourself is better than boasting them so non-eloquently. There is a time and place for everything.

and finally....

-  At the end of the day - hug the one's you are with and love - life ISN'T always greener on the other side. Sometimes wanting for different/more/better doesn't = what is going to make you the happiest....

Today's "a picture can say a thousand words":