Friday, August 31, 2012

The 9 mile struggle

Alright peeps - my alarm went off at 4:30 a.m. and usually that doesn't bother me because I throw on my clothes and head downstairs to the treadmill, but driving to a location to run  - NOT my idea of a fun SUPER EARLY morning activity. Anyways I threw on my running attire, washed my face, brushed my teeth, shoved an apple down my throat, and tried to drink as much water as possible before I felt like I could puke. I mean come on - who eats and drinks before 5:00 a.m. Just plain ick.... Oh - note to self - brushing your teeth + eating apple = terrible yuck mouth.

So got in the car and the morning drove down HWY 270 N to Hwy 55 S and off to Grant's Trail.

 The morning drive looked a little like this - pitch freakin black
So let me recap the run for you. Parked and headed out to the trail - I tried to take a pic, but for real it was so dark out that a pic wouldn't even come out. So I turned on my flashlight app (I knew that would come in handy one day) and good ole trooper Laura and I started our run. We got about to mile 3 and I had to pee (dam* water). I NEVER stop because it is just so hard to get back going - but I ran to a nice Johnny and headed back out on the trail. Around mile 4 the rain started - it was light and misty but definitely rain. So we freaked out about our hair IPhone's and kept on trucking - reached mile 4.5 and turned around for the last 4.5 stretch. I was doing well but then it started raining harder and the air was so thick - thanks Isaac you bitc* - and thanks to my wonderful allergies - STUPID!!!
Laura and I hadn't turned on our music - we were talking the whole time. You know about how romantic our husbands are, how smart our kids are, how AWESOME we are. Kid Kid Kid - our husbands are ridiculous, our kids make us want to rip our hair out - but us being awesome, well that is the total TRUTH. So around mile 7 we couldn't hack the talking anymore and turned on some tunes - well that is where I started to struggle. I am not sure if it was the starting/stopping, the rain pelting my face, me freaking out about my hair IPhone, lack of oxygen from Isaac, the water/apple sloshing around in my belly, or just plain sheer exhaustion but I was definitely S.T.R.U.G.G.L.I.N.G. I told my self to SUCK IT UP and I made it the whole 9 miles. Laura took off like a bat out of hell - YOU GO GIRL!!! She did so well. I made it slowly but surely. YAY to us and now I look forward to hell 10 miles next weekend. No for real I love running and I can't wait to rock the MO Cowbell on October 7th.

Just for a little visual - here was my ride home - Rain. Rain. Rain. Fun stuff.
So I got home and decided to reward myself - I was starved and the kids wanted breakfast so I made some nice healthy hard boiled egg whites, wheat toast, and BACON! Okay - Okay - Okay you will get to know that I like to EAT and my will power SUCKS - so bring on the BACON!

MEAT - yes I am a fan - a big HUGE fan (look at that lovely grease) Mmmm Mmmm Goodness

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Well.... tomorrow I will be blogging about my girl Laura and my 9 mile run before the sun comes up. As I am sure you can tell - I am PUMPED! HA. For real we would never start a run at 5:30 a.m. outside in St. Louis, but Mrs. L has to leave for San Fran - bia. So jealous -  as I will be sitting here in the Lou all weekend with the aftermath rains of Isaac. Fun stuff. Hellooooo Labor Day weekend.
 So our sunrise run should look a little like this - ah blissful.

Afterwards we shall look like this - TRUTH!
Check back on Friday for the full deets.
P.S. Laura is super excited for her miracle makeover Instagram pic. HE.HE.HE I am coming for you girl.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pregnancy News...



What? I flippin love her - for real she rocked "Girls Next Door" and Hugh was dumb to let this one go. She is gorgeous, hilarious, and has a heart of GOLD and she looks just like my neighbor Wendy - for real So excited for Ms. Madison. Congrats mama:)

Did I just post 2 times in one day - go ME!

Quickee Wednesday...

So random here... I was supposed to get up at 4:00 a.m. and do 4 miles but here it is 5:25 a.m. and I am on the internet before I have to get ready for work - so here's to a nice night run tonight. Holla!

I drug my bum out of bed yesterday at 4 am to run to some techno beats and today all I wanted to hear before the sun came up was the sound of E snoring my own thoughts. You know the kind of morning where you lie around plotting the day/week/weekend - future and past events - and first world problems, like which color eye shadow to wear with my outfit today. Oh.. and what Woody and Rizz will be discussing on today's show - love me some WAR 105.7 - my happy place on my hellacious drive down 270 HWY for 30+ miles. No kids screaming, no husband being annoying, just me and the boys, and a million cars with people drinking their coffee & secretly picking their noses. Let me add - WE ALL SEE YOU. Come on now...

So last night I was playing around and noticed how late I was to the game - that is hella late to the game of  INSTAGRAM. I swear you can make yourself look killer in no make-up and bed head. WTH? I will NEVA EVA trust another picture of a person - Yikes. So I was playing around and...

Me hanging with my bf in my favorite spot - Bed & Bed - sans make-up and rat hair.

So of course once I took that bad boy I realized how awesome this Instagram app truly is, how crazy it is that it makes you look pretty darn favorable when you are about to go to sleep, so I made that bia my profile pic. BAM!!!!

Wednesday (oh my Friday) Out. Bring on 5 glorious days of HOME!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ain't no shame in the game...

Did I ever post my big fat preggo belly pic? Well today shall be the day I do. I am not all to upset - I don't have stretch marks on my stomach and the ones on the hips, are not THAT terrible. Dam* them.

So let's start with Elle Belly:

Elle Belly - 18 weeks pregnant

 Elle Belly - 30 weeks pregnant

Pregnant with Elle around 30 something weeks.

About 2 years after Elle - right before I got preggo with Wesley (oh that is my nephew Will I am holding)

Now onto Wesley Belly:

Wesley Belly - 12 weeks preggo

Wesley Belly - 30 weeks preggo

A little over one year after having Wesley

So basically my goal is to get back down to where I was after having Elle. Why oh Why is the second one so hard to lose the last 10 lbs. YIKES!!! Oh well, I am going to keep running and running and running. Sorry for the random post today - but looking back at my preggo pics actually makes me feel a little better about myself today. A little.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend round up...

So basically my week/weekend went a little like this...

Wednesday - home with Elle and Wes. She had her 5 year shots on Wednesday so her knotted up, sore arm, kept her home and of course Wesley had to stay too. Yes I am a sucker. I played tons of cool crap and twisted my ankle doing a flying pirouette during our "dance time". Fun stuff.

Thursday - Eric was out of town in Indiana - so I played single mom for the day. Doing BOTH the drop off and pick up at Goddard. Fun... I loved listening to Elle cry about Daddy being gone and Wes running around saying "Daddy work", while throwing in the word "Poopy head". Oh did I mention dinner was grilled cheese - cooking with one kid on my hip and the other thrown on the floor crying is AWESOME.

I was basically ready for this lovely site around 8:45 pm, which I so graciously crawled into and fell asleep before the 9:00 pm news. Pure Bliss.

Oh wait - not before the horse got sick and the kids had to put blankets on her to make her feel better again. Elle looks extremely concerned.
Not Sure what Wes is saying here - but he is so stinkin cute - yes I am biased he is MINE.

Friday - "E"- the lovely stud graced us with his presence all too soon before we took the kids up to Goddard for Parent's Night out. The kids actually ASK to go there - fine by me. They get to play with friends, eat pizza, run around ramped and stay up until 10:30 pm - who wouldn't want to be there? Oh you don't know what PNO is, you say? - for 20 bucks Goddard teachers watch your kids, feed them, play with them, listen to their screams, change their diapers, etc... yep and throw a sibling in for another 10 smackaroos - HOLLA! Once a month on a Friday from 6:00 pm - 10:30 pm you can clean your house, do laundry, watch a movie, or act like you don't have kids. Which is what E and I chose last Friday.

We went to a Mexican restaurant - drank margaritas, ate chips, played on our phones, drank margaritas, talked a few minutes, drank margaritas, then finally drank water. LOL
There he is in all his Margarita Madness. Yep that shirt is pretty hideous - skulls and all. Why doesn't this boy let me dress him. COME ON - Ed Hardy is GROSS and you don't own a motorcycle.

After dinner we decided to hit up Oakville Sports Pub for a "pretend you don't have kids" drink and to watch the Cards game at a BAR for ONCE with a crowd - instead of in front of the t.v., on the recliner listening to Elle say "I want my kids shows". We moved right along to visit Eric's brother Steve and my sister in law's new house - hung out for a bit and then 10:00 pm was lingering upon us. We picked up the banches - headed to Walgreens for my night time treat, a big bag of swedish fish (my obsession) - and home we went to our REAL life.

Saturday - I drug my post-margarita belly to Grant's Trail at 9:00 am to meet my girl Laura. We ran/sweated out 8 miles on the trail. Super fun - NOT! It was so humid and the sun was beating down, for real... it KILLED. It also didn't help I was sweating salt pieces through my pores, just like the one's on my margarita glass(es) the night before. EWWWW! Then we bbq'd and hung out the rest of the day with the kids on the patio while it rained. It was lovely.

Sunday - Basically grocery shopping and to pick out a new kitchen faucet. Hey I saw a cool one at Steve and Maghen's new house on Friday night and, OF COURSE, I needed one and NOW. So I bought this beaut. Isn't it gorgeous - in love:) I can't wait to make that bad boy spray! Oh and more hanging out with the kids listening to the word "Poopy Head" over and over and over again. Fun times.

Onto this week and a 4 day weekend this weekend. HELLZ YA! Did I mention I LOVE my kids - because I truly do - Poopy Heads.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Quickee Wednesday

Home with the little one's today. Elle got her 5 year shots yesterday & flu mist. She had a reaction last night and today, huge knot on her arm and low grade fever. So of course if she stays home, Wesley has to as well.

So I played school, flying pirates, ballet dancer, boat rides, coloring, and divulged into making a home made pizza. I am beat... For real you stay at home mom's, I must give you props. I truly don't understand how you do it. KUDOS to you.... So when the kids went down for a bit I ran through some old pics - here are a few:

So a few pics for the day.... A little bit of this - a little bit of that.

 Some wedding pics... St. Louis can be so pretty when someone isn't shooting at you.
  Wedding to E - May 14, 2005
 Me after Elle Bell
 Me preggo with Wesley in Ft. Myers, Florida - Feb 2010
Wes and his thoughts for the day...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Two for Tuesday...

1. I can't freaking wait for Elle to start kindergarten. Did I ever state why one of the reasons she is going to Private school is for the UNIFORMS? I can't stand this arguing every morning over clothes, shoes, hair. GAH!!! I really can't take it anymore. I can't wait for her to wake up, put on a plaid jumper, white shirt, tennis shoes, etc... and off she goes. No listening to "not pink today, really I don't like that shirt, it is too big, it is too small, I don't like the gold shoes, can you shrink that skirt, I will wear that tomorrow". AGH!!!!!!!!!!
UNIFORM ADVOCATE OVER "HER"!!!!!!!! Get in line honey - you all get to look the SAME... Okay maybe that was harsh, but you can express your individuality through academics, through your personality, or other outlets. Maybe I am just tired today - blah....

2.  Getting up at 4 am to run is pretty much getting ridiculous. I can't bring myself to jump right out of bed and try to run before my "brain starts working". Somedays I am all over this "rise and shine" thing - other days I want to punch something or someone (usually Eric who is lying there all snores). Anyways I need some help to motivate myself to just GET UP!!!!!! I run in the evening after everyone goes to bed - but by then I want to lie in my bed and read a naughty novel - not be sweatin it out on the treadmill. Any suggestions?

Man I am a bia today... Tuesdays, in my eyes, the worst day of the week.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend Fail...

Happy Flippin Monday peeps - yep we are back here again.

So wanted to run through the weekend. I surprised my darling Elle and picked her up from daycare early on Friday. She turned 5!! Friday was her b-day and I couldn't bare the thought that she wasn't with me for her special Fifth Birthday. So I picked her up and told her she could have lunch ANYWHERE she wanted - her response "Buffalo Wild Wings" - Fab (yeah right - sorry I don't like that place one bit), but whatever it was HER b-day so off we went. Eric was there waiting at a table so she was surprised again to see Daddy out to lunch with us. We ate (service was terrible and food was horrendous) but I sucked it up because it was HER b-day - LOL... Oh did I mention she had terrible stomach issues after we ate there - GO FIGURE!!

 Here she is waking up to her surprise balloon's that Wes and I created:)

Buffalo Wild Wings Pic - pre-stomach problems.

On our way home we stopped by Fleet Feet because of course I needed something for HER b-day. So I found this adorable gray Brooks PR Mesh Skirt and aqua Equilibrium Shirt - so I snatched those puppies up and headed off.

 Here is the shirt - bought it in aqua.
Yep - lovin the skirt.

On our way home - the kid must of smelt snow cones - because she spotted a stand from a mile away. So we stopped in for a nice Rainbow one for Elle and a Tiger's Blood for me. YUM! Mission - surprise Elle - Complete:) oh and new shiny things for me! Oh then I had my step-sister come over and do my hair and airbrush me - man I swooped in and snacthed up Elle's b-day didn't I? "Meh" she won't notice - she is 5.

So Saturday I had my 7 mile run in my shiny new gear - YEAHYA!!! I learned two things this past weekend after my run.

1.  ALWAYS run to hard core ole school rap. Profanity and Women degrading music = run like the wind.
2.  Never EVER get airbrushed the night before you sweat like a pig. Holy BROWN sweat. I looked like Christina Aguilera when everyone thought she "peed" down her leg while performing, but of course she was just shedding her fake tan. My new shirt was brown and I felt like every person that ran by me thought "WTF is wrong with that chick". Oh well Eazy E was spittin some good lyrics in my ear so in honor of him, I thought "f-em".

 Weekend Fail...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pics.. Pics.. Pics..Randomly placed.

Okay FINALLY some flippin pictures PEOPLE!!! Welcome to the sweet a** chaos that is MY life.

Me Post Workout - workin on my fitness!! Training for this half marathon is such a great feeling. I look like a tool - oh well get used to it.

 Here is my hoosie (we pronounce the word WHOSEYA) hub with my sweet little Wes man. Camo Hat - "meh" not a fan... not a fan at all.

 Oh have you met my little darling Elle - she thinks she is 23. This is her recital night.

 Sassy yet always Classy Elle Rose.

 My great friend Bridg-ET and I. Oh did I mention she has been doing that HCG diet - totally looking KILLA! Work it girl - do your thang...

My bumble bee Wes - don't let his sweet smile fool ya - he is a devil in disguise. (Man that shirt is filthy)

Yep that hat again - GAH!!!!!! Elle looking rather lakey and Wes looking like a stuffed sausage - I guess since he couldn't move he just decided to sleep.

What no pictures?

Okay I am totally slacking on the pics.. promise to add a TON more to the posts. I just read through some of them and BORING and RANDOM - plus "super text" without anything FUN to look at. DUMB!!! I need to up my game - B.A.D.

Peace Ninja's

Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Y'all

Well it is Monday - fun stuff. I pretty much wrote off last week - it SUCKED! I ran a total of 6 miles all week. I don't know what was up - well I do - it was my birthday and it lasted all week. LOL... So whatevs.

Okay - Monday - back at it. I may feel guilty but I am not going to get all down and sucked back into birthday week ridiculousness.

So... I walked 1.5 miles today at work - going to run 3 miles tonight and weight train (chest and biceps) - as well as the good ole legs and some abs.

Oh I started the 1 db Goddess on Sunday - I forgot to weigh in to get a baseline - but I will one day this week - meh. I can't wait to see this shiz work - it better freaking work. I guess I can't eat brownies for lunch, chinese for dinner and sit on my a** and expect this miracle pill to work - oh how I would make a FORTUNE if I could come up with the ingredients for THAT pill.

Anyways - ran rampid this weekend - walked Wes through the St. Louis ZOO (yes our ZOO is better than yours - hah!) on my back in the Boba G3 carrier - 30 lbs up and down hills - great workout. My calves feel like tight burning balls of flames today. KILLER - but oh so good...

Well back to my daily routine... talk soon... Oh did I mention Justin and Jennifer are engaged - HUZZAH! No - not anyone I know - come on their celebrities people.

Never too late to teach the little one's squats - Love my Elle Bell.

Okay I took a freaking picture of me post workout/run and it is flipped LOL - WTH? I had to delete that freak. Oh well at least you got to see my little pre-olympian in training.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy Bizzidy Birthday to me

Okay short post here folks. Needless to say - it is my freakin Birthday - go shorty! So in all honesty - I have totally been slacking this month - when I say birthDAY, it really translates to birthMONTH - so I have been eating like *shitznagle* and veggin out. I have still been RUNNING - so that is good! I have not been slacking on the half marathon training - but in every other aspect of my life I have. BOO:(

So here's to bagels this morning - brownies for lunch - and Chinese take out for dinner. I am pretty much writing this week off for sure!!!

I will get back on the right track soon - Later's Baby. LOL

Friday, August 3, 2012

Brief Week Weigh in Update

Hey everyone - started the Military Diet on Monday - made it to Wednesday's happy hour after work with my girls Laura and Anne - yep then I quit. LOL.. I ate pizza, pretzel bites, and had a few grape vodkas with club soda (healthy a?) LOL... So I think I lost around 5 lbs in 2 days - dumb... it is a quick diet if you are needing to squeeze your a** into some skinny jeans for a night out - but would I do it again - NAH - it sucked!!!

So weigh in on Wednesday was 144 lbs - same as last week - Whatevs!!! I signed my butt up for the MO Cowbell Half Marathon and started training - I enjoy it. I really enjoy it!!! I love running..

So my Birthday Month starts - I have GNO tomorrow at my favorite old school places Venice Cafe - can't wait!!!! Such a fun hipster place. So I will be throwing back a few tomorrow. The rest of the weekend should be okay. Run 2 miles tonight, 5 miles on Saturday, and 2 miles on Sunday. Not too shabby - unless I puke all morning on Sunday. HUZZAH!!! LOL...

Next Tuesday is my 32nd Birthday - yes give it up to me!! So I will be indulging in Chinese Food for my b-day dinner (a favorite of mine) and some yummy cookie cake from Ms. Fields. Love that woman (is she a woman?) Who knows but I love that ooey gooey chocolatey goodness!!!

Next week's training looks like this - Monday OFF - Tuesday 3 miles - Wednesday 2 miles - Thursday OFF - Friday 3 miles - Saturday OFF - Sunday 6 miles. Oh yeah baby!!! all while the chinese food and cookies rumble around in my BELLAAAAAYY!! Rock on peeps and onto next week and in hopes of at least a 2 lb weight loss.