Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday Madness & Celebrity Sightings

Good MORNING... It's Thursday - AKA my Friday since I am off tomorrow and going SHOPPING:) I HAVE to find something for tomorrow night. On that note - don't forget tomorrow is STL Blogger night at Quintessential on Main Street in St. Charles. Oh yea... I am sure I will be blowing up Instagram and Twitter. I feel like lamesauce for not taking ONE picture when Holly, Aly, and I met up a week or so a go - bad blogger here.. So I PLAN to make up for that.

I got up again at 4 am this morning, and of course txt the lovely Lora - and she was UP and raring to go;) If you want to join in on the fun - Lora came up with a cool hashtag #4aclub for instagram/twitter - post your early pics and use the hashtag... it's going to be super fun... I remember the day I was dragging my butt home at 4am - now I am up getting my work out on... Oh the days...

My girl over at FatChick2FitChick is doing an AWESOME thing for Christmas. It is called #MerryPlanksmas - it is a plank challenge for December. I am soooo joining in on the fun. You know my POTM challenge for November was such a success - NOT! So I am REALLY hoping to plank it up hardcore and have Santa eating those Christmas cookies off my stomach;) If you want to join in on the fun - just click on my girls bum below....


Blogger Swag Swap was a HUGE success for me. The lovely and most amazing Annie sent me the MOST awesome swag. She knows me SOOOOOOOOO well. In the box were 2 nail polishes - this awesome navy color and gold - MY FAV! A gold Bic Band - my very 1st one - so stoked. Awesome running socks, I can't wait to try (Tarjay baby). GU Chomps - LOVE THEM and Stingers - woot. A great organizer to organize my blog posts - you are so cute Annie I loved this so much AND... my favorite SWEDISH FISH - which I ate the whole box last night watching the new episode of Duck Dynasty. AWESOME... THANK YOU SO MUCH...

And... now for the Celebrity Sightings Part....

I am linking up with Holly and Erin for their Celebrity Sightings Link up... YAY


My stories go a little like this...

I met Daryl Hall and John Oats - my first celebrity meet up - EVER... I was seven. I went and saw them at the Fabulous Fox Theatre. My amazing cousin worked there and she hooked me up. I got to bring them a rose and hang out for a bit. It was EPIC and I was seven;)

Many years passed.. MANY years with no celebrity meet-ups...BOO:( BUT then My SIL got married in Vegas and we were at that Country bar called "Toby Keith's" or something along those lines. It was late, way after the wedding and reception ,and we all couldn't even see straight. I heard someone say - hey it is those Soprano guys - as I was gliding by their table to hit up the restroom. I turned around and there sat these two dudes... Vincent Pastore and some guy from Law & Order (John Munch) or something - he wears glasses all the time. Oh "hai" I gotta pee.. and off I went.. So easy breezy - a?

Then that brings us to Cal.i.forn.I.A. last year - I was in LA for a day before we went to Malibu and I saw the lovely J.Lo, her boyfriend, and the twins at The Grove.

I also saw the lovely Dianna Agron at The Grove - she looked lovely as usual.She was hidden in huge sunglasses and oversized coat - but whatev.. it was still fun..

In Malibu I saw Leann Rimes - "meh" - not a fan of hers... but she was shopping for some candy - found that ironic...

I think that about sums it up - if you count Athletes as celebrities - then I have stalked a TON. HAHAHA. I am basically the stalker that wants to look at you, but not talk to you or take pictures. I want to "say" I saw you but am too freaked out to ask for a pic. I would feel like a jackknife evening opening up my mouth to talk. LOL... Now... if I encountered The Rock... all of this goes out the window...NO HOLDS BAR.

Have a great Thursday

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Royal Wednesday Weigh In...

It's Wednesday - YAY YO!!!!!!!!! It is the dreaded weigh in after Thanksgiving break - BOO:( So basically I am up 1 lb - oh well Thanksgiving happened, booze happened, laziness ensued, more booze happened - you get the picture... Whatev! I am So onto next week and a kick a** DECREASE in weight. LOL..

On another note, I am officially obsessed with the royal blue and black combination for this winter - throw in some orange and HELLO. Now I have to start thinking about what I am going to wear to the STL Blogger dinner on Friday night... LOL. I am off on Friday and going SHOPPING - of course! I REALLY want a long sleeve, short cotton dress that I can wear tights, my new booties, and a bright scarf. Any ideas - seen any cute ones? I am headed to Chesterfield Mall - so there has GOT to be something along those lines there.

Excuse the hideous sweater - I opted for a short blazer - MUCH better.
And FINALLY I have a new 4 am workout partner - YAY! Lora from Raising Steppe Sisters and I are texting it up at 4 am to keep ourselves accountable for our workout/running. I think the adorable Holly has jumped on the 4 am bandwagon - it's gonna be a FUN ride. If you want to join the 4 am club - let me know.. HAHAHA... I am so glad that I have someone to talk to though - it is KILLER getting up that early and MISERY LOVES COMPANY:)

Wednesday OUT

Favorite colors this winter? When do you workout? Any more questions for me?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

POTM Update & A Few Fails

It's Tuesday and you ALL know this is my LEAST favorite day of the week, so on that note I decided to update you all on my POTM challenge;) My goal for the month was 75 miles and I am at 46 miles - so unless I can run 29 miles by Saturday, my challenge was a big fat FAIL... Whatever though, I have STILL been running and that is a HUGE plus in my book. So this week I am really going to try and reach at least 20 miles  - so I will be short 9 - "meh". I am also thinking all the strength training I am doing is taking up running time - but I am seeing great results with the workouts - so I am sticking to it... So how are you all doing with the POTM challenge?

My Thanksgiving Morning Run - 5 miler
So I tried out the "duck face" with Elle this weekend - she can WORK it (BANG)- another FAIL for me.

Mel's Duck Face Fail
On another note - I have realized Miss Elle is REALLY taking a liking to some of the things her mama loves. Not sure if you all know this - but I am obsessed with vintage cars. I want a 56 Thunderbird so bad I can taste it... E wants a motorcycle, but I "think" I have convinced him to go the vintage car route;) She took a nice "top down" drive in my friend Bill's GTO. I MIGHT buy this from him in a few years, when he sells it to get his Corvette - bah!! We will see.

Here is what I want - LOVE IT!
Elle in the GTO - look closely Wes is hanging out too. LOL
Alright well all this randomness has lead me to this... I decided to do a vlog regarding any questions you might have for me. Sooooo I am sure you have seen this a million times, and I am jumping on the band wagon. I am loving the vlogs - it makes me laugh so hard and I enjoy doing them. Basically ask me ANYTHING - I am an open book people a few secrets. You can leave your questions in the comments on this post or email me at - I am "thinking" I will answer them on Friday for FACT Friday - if no one wants to ask me anything I might just do a vlog of me crying. LOL... Kidding:)

Enjoy This Lousy Tuesday

How is POTM going for you? Favorite vintage car? Questions for yours truly?

Monday, November 26, 2012

Long Over Due - Hair Tutorial

AGH!!!!!!!! Happy Monday people. For real I feel like I have been off work for a month - with the Thanksgiving craziness. FYI... it went very well - fed 35 mouths, mingled it up, enjoyed my cocktails, and got to clean the house all wonky style;) Oh I even got a great workout and 5 mile run in, in the morning. YAY!

So Friday - I woke up and decided I felt like death but I rocked out another workout barely. Then it was time to take my girl out for a sushi/ice cream swanky city girl night. I was so done with turkey - so D.O.N.E. It was fabulous - I have been waiting, since this girl was born, to do this fun stuff with her - love her:)

Saturday I supported Small Business Saturday and headed to St. Charles Main Street for some shopping with my mama dearest. We had lunch, shopped our faces off, and I ended up with shoes for Wes, shoes for Elle, tights and headbands for Elle, boots for me, and then these ridiculously priced flats I decided I must have (if you follow me on instagram you saw them). They are Sam Edelman and I love them - so comfy and my fav - leopard print:) Saturday evening I hung with my main man Wes - good night...

Sunday I decided it was a month before Christmas so I better get my Christmas stuff out - so yep I worked out and ran and then worked out AGAIN putting up Christmas decorations with a 5 and 2 year old. AGH!!!!!! Here are a few pics...

Finally I ended the night with a cup of coffee with my girl - regular for me - decaf for her.

Alright here you guys go - the lightening is HORRENDOUS. Not just a little bad - it is AWFUL. But I think you get the jist of what I doing. I think my lens was dirty with (.)(.) sweat - all you girls know I stuff my phone in my sports bra when I run/workout - haha. Deal with it:) I promise to do the vlog again this week and make sure the lens is squeaky clean! Oh and I promise to get my workout tutorial done too. I posted my workout but many want to see the moves I do instead of just what I wrote - so I am going to work out for you peeps! LOL As long as I can get someone to hold the camera/phone for me.

Welcome BACK to the Weekdays

Thanksgiving stories? Sushi fan? Stick your phone in your sports bra?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pump Up the Jam

Happy Wednesday - or Thanksgiving Eve... I like to call it - the day before I lose my mind. Hello people welcome to Thanksgiving, I am the half lit one on my 4th glass of wine - enjoy the spread.

Well today I promised my workout - so here you go lovelies. I am old school - for real I use dumb-bells, one bar, and my body. I don't have fancy schmancy equipment. I own a treadmill and this other thing in the picture - HA!!! I have YET to be able to do a pull-up - but I am working on that. I feel like my arms are pulling off of me - like I am going to look like Stretch Armstrong or something - freaks me out. I love the play room in the basement too - the kids play while I work out - so we get to spend time together even when I am exercising.

Oh wait. Weigh in Wednesday - I am down 3 more lbs. Sweet Lordy I am a happy girl;)
Okay so here it is - Mel working on her fitness. I am by no means an expert at ANYTHING except drinking Margaritas and shoveling Swedish Fish in my mouth. So please don't take this as a "rule of thumb".

Okay so my week looks like this - I run 4-5 days a week and weight train somewhere around 3-4 days a week. Now I REALLY focus on my arms and booty - arms are my area that need to be worked out consistently and I like killer booties:) This is my typical routine - but I change things up to give myself some flexibility and non-monotony.

Bicep curls combo (3 sets of 25 - 8lbs) with Overhead Presses (3 sets of 15 - 8lbs) - so I do one set of bicep curls - then a set of overhead presses, and so on. I am SUPER into good looking shoulders - I love the dent in the shoulder. I always feel nice shoulders really make you look HAWT and make someone look like they have good posture. Posture is KEY!

Upright Rows combo (3 sets of 15 - 25lb bar) with Hammerhead curls (3 sets of 25 8lb) - once again good ole biceps and shoulders.

Tricep kickbacks combo (3 sets of 25 - 5lbs) with bent over two dumbell rows (3 sets of 25 - 8lbs). Working on the triceps and upper back here.

Then I do a few sidebends with 5lb weights followed by some calf raises. I do about 30 sidebends, then 30 calf raises (and do this set 3 times).

Followed by rocking out (3 sets of 20) good ole fashion push-ups. I used to have to do the girl kind - but I am getting better.

Okay now onto legs and booty stuff. I start out with good ole fashion squats (no weights) - (3 sets of 30). It kills, but push through it.

Then I do a combo with wide stance squat while holding a 20 lb weight (3 sets of 20) followed by dumbell side lunge (3 sets of 15). So like the arm routines - do one wide stance sqaut set, then the lunge set, and so on....

Alright here is a killer - it is called "The Grizzly Bear" - I only do (2 sets of 25) because I basically want to die afterwards.

Finally I love me some kettle-bell - but since I don't have any I grab a 20 lb weight and do the swing. I love this workout - total body killer and you can REALLY feel it in your booty and inner thighs. (3 sets of 25)

Alright we are ALMOST there.... So I take a break - grab some water - turn up my ole school rap (No Limit Soldiers anyone?) and now it is time to push out some abs.

Basic crunches - 100
Reverse crunches - 100
Bicycle crunches - 100
Crunch twist - 75
Superman - 3 sets of 25 - in the video he does it a little different. I go all up and down at once so both my legs and arms go up at the same time - then down, then up, etc...

You can check the ab routines out HERE

AND... I ALWAYS end with a few PLANKITY PLANKS... I do about 5 or so and hold it until I shake, can't move, and fall over. LOL.. I usually look like this at the end - see always smiling:)

Finally by then some good booty shaking music is on - so I dance a bit for my cool down/stretch - ha.. yes I dance.. deal with it:)

Well there you have it - nothing fancy at ALL - and since I adore my girl Ashley - this one is for you girl - you can mean mug my NY Yankees hat all you want but Jeter is the MAN. Love me some Yankees - love YOU too, of course:)

BAM - sans make-up, sweaty, and a chipped nail - so hood I tell ya.
Go Sweat It Out
 Are you pumped for tomorrow? Your favorite ab workout? Cap to the side?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Turkey Trot Link-up VLOG

Hey yo - it's Mel here. I had a BLAST meeting Holly and Aly yesterday - so much fun:) Aly is drop dead gorgeous and absolutely 100% real and I adore her - our time was cut too short, I hope we get to meet up again, soon. Holly is a true classic beauty - for real her skin is like pure perfection and she is hilarious and totally on my "we WILL be friends" list:) I didn't want the day to be over. Ugh.. I can't wait to meet up again. HUZZAH!

Okay so I am linking up with Holly and Erin for the Turkey Trot Link-up - you can either blog about it or vlog it - I chose to vlog baby. I love that stuff. HA! Plus there is a special guest performance at the end. LOL.... It is like 5 minutes long - so sorry about that and I use my hands A LOT - so yeah - deal with it:) Oh and the lighting is AWFUL - I swear I HAVE to do these during the day - this night stuff is TERRIBLE for lighting.

FYI... Holly's darling husband, Chris, has joined the blog world - Please go check him out and show him so love HERE. We love us some Stanfields.

If you want to link-up just click the image above, follow the instructions, and hop around and check it out.

Without further adieu: My Vlog (with special guest performance)

Alright there you have it - tomorrow I will post on my workout routine - YEPPERS!

Have a great Tuesday everyone.

So are you ready for Turkey Day? Do your kids dance? Talk with your hands?

Monday, November 19, 2012

Running for a Turkey & Award

Happy Happy Monday. The weekend has FINALLY passed - said no-one ever, unless you live with me and have two kids that fight CONSTANTLY and a husband who watches "Tattoo Nightmares" all night long. At least I got in my marathon of "Duck Dynasty" on Friday night. Um... does anyone else love Jase? I can't imagine I am the ONLY one:)

Okay back to it - I got in two stellar workouts and two 5 miler runs this weekend, and woke up early and ran another 5er today. I am BACK baby - and it feels GOOD. I switched up my workout a bit and BAM my legs are ACHING, but in a righteous way:) Post Wednesday on my workout routine. I make up my own "thang" - so don't get all too excited. LOL

No Kettle-bell - pick up a dumb-bell - best workout EVER - just ask my girl Fatchick2FitChick

Added this new one called "The Grizzly Bear" - check it out - KILLER!

Alrighty then Wednesday I will reveal the "Mel workout" LOL and don't forget HAIR tutorial this week too - I am thinking "Friday". I am also going to be vlogging it up for Erin and Holly's Turkey Trot Link-up on Tuesday - YAY. You can either blog or vlog your answer to the following questions:

1. What do you look forward to more: the food, football or parades?
2. What is your favorite non-traditional Thanksgiving Day dish?
3. After dinner, is it football or a nap?
4. Do you watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? Which is your favorite float?
5. Where do you go to celebrate and eat your big meal? Who is there (family, friends)?
6. What is your favorite turkey day dessert?

I know you want to link-up - DO IT!!

Oh WAIT... did I tell you I am meeting Holly and Aly today for some grub - yes sireeee - STOKED out of this world. I can't wait:)

And.. finally Esther Norine Designs has nominated me for the Liebster Award - thank you so much. This is a great way to get to know other bloggers - so here goes.

Random 11 Facts:
1. I am a super CLEAN freak - like it or lump it.
2. I love to bake - breads, muffins, cakes, etc... (hence the working out) LOL
3. I like E 60% of the time - the other 40% are unaccounted for:)
4. I have REALLY great friendships - 2 still since grade-school, 1 since high-school, 2 since college, 1 in the past couple years, my SIL's are my bff's, and my blogger friends I consider great friends too.
5. I watch, what other's would say, are "weird" movies - I like dark, twisted, movies or comedies.
6. I am not what you would consider the "girly" type. Now I like my hair done, nails done, spray tan, etc... but I am the most comfortable in sweats and a t-shirt.
7. I love my job more than anything - I wake up each day blessed to be going where I go. Not one day in 8 years have I woke up and said "I wish I didn't have to go there today". Love.My.Job.
8. I have a secret crush on Justin Bieber:) Not so secret anymore - huh? Might not be him, per say, but his music - gotta sing or dance EVERY time his songs come on.
9. I like to shop at small boutiques better than large department stores (however I still will - can you say SALES) - I support small businesses.
10. The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is near and dear to my heart - my nephew has CF and this, my friends, is the charity of my choice.
11. I do my own nails 90% of the time - a manicure/pedicure is a TREAT for me.
12. (I know I am adding one). I am thinking about going back to graduate school (yes I have already been there once) to get a Master's in Health Informatics - yep.. You can NEVER be TOO educated.

Esther's Questions for me:
1) What's your favorite movie? "The Wedding Singer" or "Detroit Rock City"\
2) Where are you from? "St. Louis, Missouri" - lived in Cali, Florida, and Texas as a child.
3) Where do you live? "South County in St. Louis, Missouri"
4) Coffee or Tea? "COFFEE!!!!!!!!"
5) Sweet tooth or salt tooth? "Sweet tooth out of this world"
6) What was your best vacation? "Cancun in college with my 2 girlfriends - best.time.ever and great stories. I loved every minute of it.
7) How did you come up with your blog name and design? "Blog name is simple - we have 4 people in our family, our last name is Waterkotte and I run it - so 4Kottez Runs It - just so happens I love to run too;) My design was done by "Hubby Jack Blog Designs" - best decision I made. He did a fabulous job, great turn-around-time, and totally created what I wanted."
8) What is your favorite way to relax after a long day or week? "Running, drinking some Margaritas at a Mexican restaurant, a glass of Pinot Noir, or reading one of my naughty novels"
9) What is your current obsession? "oh man I am NOT giving this one away;)" so I will go with Swedish Fish.
10) What is your favorite thing about the holidays? "My kids coming down the stairs on Christmas morning, Peter our Elf on the Shelf (the kids love this), the food of course, chillier weather, and I love boots, so colder weather = BOOT time;)"
11) Do you bake, cook, or craft? "Baking LOVE - yes I cook, E doesn't even know how to turn on the stove, craft - nope"

Well there you go - you have a little more information on myself. Now you are to nominate others - but I did this awhile back, so I don't want to repeat or anything - basically you can look at the blogs I follow and if you go to ANY of them - you will be hooked:)

BTW - I host Thanksgiving at my house for 35+ people - went shopping on Sunday - CRAZY Crap - so get your butts there soon or you might get run over by 5 million people trying to buy a can of pumpkin - oh the Holidays - Love em;)

And for your daily dose of the Waterkotte children.

Happy Monday Lovelies

Are you going to link-up on Tuesday? Do you do the "Elf on the Shelf" at your house? Favorite small boutique?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Fact Friday

Well HELLO there. I am OFFICIALLY back in action. LOL There are a few random things today I want to write about but FIRST and foremost, I woke up today to find an email from the magnificent Anna James at Fashion Boulevard - for real I have been stalking her for YEARS. Her fashion sense, style, adorable blonde perfect hair, the fact she writes for Lauren Conrad's blog, etc... make this email all the more AWESOME! I swear this girl took it from small town to BIG CITY and is not looking back - she is an inspiration for all those fashionista's out there. Well, long story short, she read my blog - so I MUST die now. LOL. So I hopped on over to check out her newest post on "Riding Boots" - if you all don't know me by now - I love boots as much as my kids - yes I REALLY do. I am in dire need of some black riding boots - DIRE NEED:) and Anna - THANK YOU for making my day - you gorgeous, adorable, blonde bombshell:)
Anna James - Fashion Boulevard 
Second - here are a few more pictures from Philly. The first picture is the blouse I bought at H&M on Friday before I left for Philly (in my closet pic - ha) - I wore that sucker to the conference, out one night, and slept in it. LOL - Love it:)

Blouse I adore (H&M) - hard to see but it is maroon with a black bow in the front. 
At "MilkBoy"
Okay this one is VERY blurry - but you get the point.
Third - reason I posted the above pic is there will be a hair tutorial coming next week. Yes I PROMISE to get that in next week. I swear it is so easy to do this poof thing - simple as all he**. *Hint* - tons of bobby pins and hair spray. Oh yeah...

Fourth - Yes I haven't ran or worked out since Sunday - WTH? I feel terrible - so tonight it is ON. I have all weekend to get back at it. "Don't give up - pick yourself up - and keep on going". I don't like getting in "ruts" and I don't feel like I am in a "rut" - I am just TIRED. So with a few good night sleeps I will be raring to go. So be on the look out (instagram) for some sweaty pics - Megan they are for you my love and everyone else, of course!!

Fifth - Good luck to everyone running this weekend - I know Mama L has her half and I am rooting her on, praying for her, and I have NO DOUBT that strong, courageous, gorgeous lady will ROCK that half's face off. Also I will be thinking of Holly, Aly, and Darci (you still going?) who are trucking it out to Tulsa to watch her. My next fun run is December 8th and the Santa's North Pole Dash - I can't WAIT! We have a good group forming to run - if you want - SIGN UP and then we all can meet up and HANG, "St. Charles style".

FINALLY - I love these faces - I had the kids Parent Teacher Conferences last night and yes they are fine and developing right along with the rest of the kids. Elle is a DIVA and Wes tests the limits - but come on, you are MY kids - would you expect anything less? Love you small fries:)

Wes Man
Elle - BANG:)

Have a fab weekend.

Black riding boot suggestions? Would you be interested in a "Day in the life of my husband told through the eyes of his wife" link up? Give me some motivation to get RUNNING?