Thursday, February 28, 2013

Love Story Link-Up

Let's talk about LAAAAAAAAHUUUUUUVE, shall we? Today I am linking up with my great friend Erin from Homemade Happenings to share a "Love Story" with you all. I contemplated which "love" story to share with the world today? But.... I nailed it down to TWO... And... their names are Elle Rose and Wesley Charles.


Background: growing up I just KNEW I was NOT the girl who was going to get "married", have babies, and live a "Mom" life. I was going to travel the world, drink champagne in ball gowns, wake up in different cities, and be a "free spirit". You can see how WRONG I was... To my 18 year old self - you had NO clue girl.

After marriage - comes babies, right? Yep... that was exactly my thinking... Married in 2005 - Elle arrived in 2007 and Wesley in 2010. Truth of the matter is - I HATED being pregnant. HATED IT. Elle's was a breeze - Wesley's was horrendous. I didn't like carrying around all that extra weight, I didn't like people touching my belly, I didn't like swollen ankles, not being able to bend over and tie my own shoes, people talking about my "waddle", etc.. Ugh... it was not glorious to me. I know some people love feeling the kicks, hiccups, movements - it all made me HURT. Wes was a football player in my belly and had me in PAIN 24/7.

Man I hated being pregnant - sorry I am not sorry
So... here I was "not going to have kids" and "not liking being pregnant" - so was I all "oh I am going to love this mom thing" - I am being real, people... I was NOT. I was terrified and never SHARED a thing a day in my life. When I was pregnant I remember sitting on my stairs, in my old house, saying... "OMG what did I do?" ....and both of these pregnancies were planned. I was PETRIFIED...

Holy Belly -and arms, and legs, and bum, and face... ICK
Let's get to the LOVE part....
I remember going into labor with Elle (my water broke at work) yes, lovely I know... E was a wreck - he didn't speak and "I" drove us both to the hospital, IN LABOR!!! He was useless as soon as he saw me, and kept telling me that I "just peed my pants". COME ON!!!!! Elle's labor was a breeze - and out she came out in 3 pushes, at 10:15 p.m. on August 17th, 2007 and I felt a feeling that NO OTHER person in my ENTIRE life could give me.... it was unconditional LOVE... Her face, her belly, her tush, her crooked nose (from birthing), her tiny hands and feet were PERFECTION - nothing on this planet could of been more perfect. I held her so close and that feeling is UN PARALLEL. Yep my tiny selfish heart, grew like the Grinch's that day. My baby GIRL was here....

Elle Rose a few days old
Wes's labor was NOT a breeze - it was NOT FUN. I was induced at 2 cm's and 80% effaced - he was not progressing along they way "they would like", I had a HIGH fever, my blood pressure was UP, and I had oxygen masks on me - CRAZY!!! But... finally at midnight on July 2, 2010 out came Mr. Wesley Charles with a few pushes and that UN PARALLEL feeling hit me again like a ton of bricks. My baby BOY was here....

1st Bee Day
Well I love these kids with my WHOLE being - they are my EVERYTHING. I wake up each day and push myself further and further, so that I can better their lives. When everything else is going wrong - all I have to do is look at one of these faces and a smile instantly appears. My babies are my LOVE STORY... am I having more? - NOOOOOOOOOO;) was all the "not fun" stuff worth it? - YEEEEEEEEES!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Birth Order

I have always been interested in how Birth Order affects our personalities. I am not sure if you all knew this - but my degree(s) is/are Rehabilitation Psychology/Counseling - yes I am in I.T. now... HAHAHA - funny how the cards play out... In college, I was always intrigued as to why we are the way we are? What gives us certain personality traits... and there I found my obsession with "Birth Order".

I bought this book a LOOOOONNNGGG time ago.... and I keep it in my bedside drawer and always go back to it, multiple times a year, to understand what makes me "tick".

See I am a FIRST BORN... and according to Dr. Kevin Leman.... I can either be a "Caring/Nurturing" and/or "Aggressive/Mover Shaker".. My "Typical Traits" would be leadership ability, aggressive, compliant, perfectionist, organized, driver, list maker, logical, and scholarly.

Take Charge
Command Respect
Straight Thinker
Good Problem Solvers

Never Satisfied
Too Serious
Always Right (duh....)

Quote for us First Borns...

Hummmm... think about it... Leman is stating that the "hard-driving first-born personality" has a  "Winning is Everything" mentality. Not going to lie... GUILTY as charged and yes... I WIN!!!

I will be the FIRST to admit - I am ALL of the above, at times... well "too serious" is not really my thing - but sometimes I can be. So I follow suit in Leman's philosophy.

He also discusses Marriage and Birth Order. 
I married a "middle child". Here is what he says of First Borns married to Middle Children... "First Borns find Middle Borns a Paradox - the first born who marries a middle born should first take comfort in the fact that middles have the best track record for building a lasting marriage". At the same time, the middle child can be a vexing paradox."

First borns need to remember that we need to make our "middle born" significant others feel "special". Middle borns need affirmation - and sometimes the first borns can be "insensitive" to this - GUILTY AS CHARGED!

Leman has his own theory for the BEST MATCHED birth orders that result in a lasting marriage.... So if you are a First Born married to a Last Born - get ready to do a "happy dance" you WILL succeed (according to Dr. Leman).

Well on that note - this insensitive, aggressive, impatient broad needs to learn to make others feel special. Blaaaaaaah... I think I will go running instead... Selfish much?

Do you follow birth order rule of thumb? Are you an affirmation seeker? Is your marriage headed for bliss?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mel's Give-a-Way Winner and A few Good Reads

Happy "Worst Day of the Week" - I know you are tired of hearing it, but ohhhhhhh well......

On a happier note... We have a WINNER for my Give-A-Way....

a Rafflecopter giveaway YAY!!!!! Congrats I will be emailing you soon... Thank you to all who entered -  and I am sure I will have another soon. Now Dang it - I want to win one... LOL

Okay well it is almost Spring/Summer and that means Mel is getting her "naughty novels reads" together for some pool time fun....

Here are a few that were recommended and WILL be on my summer read list... I can't WAIT...

"Fallen to Far" by Abbie Glines
Fallen Too Far
"Rocked Under" by Cora Hawkes
Rocked Under

"Rule" by Jay Crownover

"Beautiful Bastard" by Christina Lauren - YES PLEASE!!!! This is my kind of read... LOL...

Beautiful Bastard (Beautiful Bastard, #1)

"Edge of Never" by J.A. Redmerski

"Entwined with You" by Sylvia Day - 3rd book in the Crossfire Series

Can't WAIT for this book - for real Gideon is my ultimate - U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E - he for real had me at the elevator scene - NO JOKE. Where is MY limo and private jet? Come on Gideon - BE REAL!!!! I just might change my name to Eva;)

Alright ladies - I have drooled enough today... I am dying to get my read on. LOL...

Tuesday OUT!!!!
Any other good reads I need to know about?

Monday, February 25, 2013

All Over The Place...

MAHUUUUNDAY BABY - back to the grind. Can it really be Feb 25th - for real? Where did February go - lucky I am not a fan of the month so SINARA - and thank GAWD for a short month. Today's post is going to be all over the place, so bear with me.

Half-Marathon Training - you know for my half on April 7th - yeah.... well if I don't get my bum in gear I will be dead by mile 8. So this week I am hitting it hard.. REALLY hard - it is time for "running Mel" to step up her game and kill it. Okay guys I am STICKING to this... I will be blowing up IG for accountability - but I do that often - so nothing new;)
Monday - 8 miles treadmill
Tuesday - Strength Train
Wednesday - 4 miles
Thursday - 4 miles
Friday - Strength Train
Saturday - OFF (Strength Train)
Sunday - 9 miles

After 10 Day Advocare Herbal Cleanse Update -  I am doing well. I do not get hungry that often and when I do eat - I fill up QUICKLY. Now.... yesterday I did eat a Root Beer Float at like 9 PM - hahaha. It was DELISH... But I am back on it today, minus the Swedish Fish sitting on my desk that I will be gnawing on later:)

Give-A-Ways - I will be announcing my give-a-way winner tomorrow - WOOT. In the meantime, head over to my girl Amanda's blog "My Very Own Modern Family" - she is giving away some cool stuff too. And the always "luscious Laura" from "Walking in Memphis in High Heels" is as well - I mean when is this chick NOT giving something away?;)

Bikini Time - Yes I have not bought my bikini yet for my #operationredbikini - I know I am a total slacker - just ask the teachers at my kid's daycare that STILL don't have their Christmas presents. So this weekend my mission is to BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY a BIKINI. It's on like Donkey Kong... Keep an eye out for IG... you know me, I like your opinions when I buy things;)

The Beats by Mel - download musts... hahaha... just a few I rocked out to this morning. "Is there anymore room for me".

Link-up - Thursday I will be linking up with the lovely Erin from "Homemade Happenings" for Erin's Love Story Link Up. It doesn't have to be about your significant other - it can be about anything/anyone, so I am going for it. If you are interested - link up with my homegirl.


And in closure - if you follow me on IG you already have seen this (sorry) if not - BOOYA!

Week ON!
How is your training going? Have your bikini all ready? Pretty Ricky fan?

Friday, February 22, 2013

Advocare 10 Day Herbal Cleanse Results

It's Friday folks... Oh yeah... not only am I happy it is Friday, but it is my FIRST official day OFF the cleanse and time for me to post my results. WOOT WOOT!!!!!

If you don't know.... I have been doing the Advocare 10 day herbal cleanse to jump start a better eating regime. I have the working out and running down pact - but eating is my DOWNFALL. Read about it HERE. I started this cleanse to get myself going in the right direction. Don't get me wrong, I was nervous - I am a carb whore and I like to booze - but once I put my mind to something I go ALL THE WAY. That is just the person I am. So I bought it and dedicated myself to it.

When it came in the mail - I researched a bit via the internet and found this website VERY useful. It is chalk full of menu options and tips. If you are going to do this, cleanse go HERE and read - it was my bible. I referenced it EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

The cleanse consists of 3 things - a fiber drink, herbal cleanse pills, and pro-biotic pills. Day 1-3 - you drink the fiber drink in the AM and take the herbal cleanse pills in the PM. Day 4-7 you take the pro-biotic pills in the AM and the herbal cleanse pills in the PM. Day 8-10 you drink the fiber drink in the AM and take the pro-biotic pills in the AM. What I like best about this cleanse is YOU CAN EAT - yes you are limited, yes you are cutting out dairy, but you get fruits, veggies, eggs, meats, whole grains, and my all time fav... natural peanut butter;)

Fiber Drink - chug it quickly with a full glass of water as a chaser.
Keep your Fridge STOCKED and be prepared food-wise.
Eat 5 small meals - if running or lifting hard that day - eat a 6th meal (protein and whole wheat)
Drink TONS of water
Chew gum to get rid of cravings
Don't eat fruit after the 4th meal (just something I did)
Keep nuts handy - when others are eating candy - chew on some natural almonds
If you are tired - SLEEP - your body needs it

Alright here are my thoughts...
Day 1-3 are TOUGH. I was crabby, tired, and not myself.
Day 4-7 get easier - it is all mind over matter and my energy increased. I also noticed my skin looking better.
Day 8-10 - smooth sailing - lack of appetite - pushing myself further in my workouts.

P.S. if you are scared you are going to be running to the bathroom every 5 seconds - you will NOT. This is so gentle on your stomach - it is NOT like what you think. You may be running there every 5 seconds, but that is to urinate, since you are drinking so much water. 

I have become a huge fan of this Whey Protein Powder and really utilized this for a meal replacement - it is honestly one of the best tasting one's yet and packed with protein. When I needed a sweet (yes I have an addiction) I waited until my next "meal" and used this. Fab...

I also found out I HATE these.... for real - they taste like a pine tree - TERRIBLE.

What I learned....
It is ALL mind over matter.
You would be surprised how much your body LOVES you for not abusing it with processed foods.
Water truly is the key to feeling good.
Food does NOT define me.
I am mentally stronger than I thought I was - I MADE IT THROUGH!!!

On that note. I am not really a "scale" girl. I go by how my clothes feel and how I feel in general... BUT I did get on the scale for this. I can tell a HUGE difference in my clothes and I have had numerous people tell me they can see it in my face (yes I lose weight there FIRST). With that being said:

Starting weight: 143 lbs
After cleanse: 135 lbs

WOOT WOOT - that is an 8 lb loss. Am I stoked about the loss - YES! BUT I am more proud of myself I made it through and that I actually am FEELING STELLAR. Do I miss Little Debbie and Ben & Jerry's - ummmm. YEAH!!! Will I splurge and eat - YES! BUT I know I can put my mind to this and stick with it. Was it worth it - a RESOUNDING YES!!!! I would definitely recommend. If you are interested - I bought mine from my blog friend Molly Hall - You can always email her at for information and/or to order. The 10 day cleanse is around $32.00. Now I am all clean and free - time for some swedish fish.. Bring it... LOL

Weekend ON!!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ding.Ding.Ding. Give-a-way!!!

HELLO to everyone old and new here... I wanted to first THANK YOU all for taking the time out of your day, to come to my little "internet space" to read about my madness. Honestly, when I first started blogging I really didn't have a CLUE how much I would actually FALL IN LOVE with it. I know my blog style doesn't really fit into any "mold". I am all over the place and honestly that is ME in real life - so like it or lump it;) I blog about running, working out, eating, not-eating, my kids, crazy shenanigans, and all other kinds of weirdness and I thank you all for actually caring about my life and me "in general".

I have become friends with such wonderful people and have gained relationships that I would not of, if the blog world didn't open up to me. I know sometimes people don't understand this "world" and that is okay - but when you do - it means SO much to you. Kind of like running - when people don't run - they don't get it AND that is okay because I love to run and that is MY life. Anyways... back to the point.. THANK YOU for allowing me to enter your lives, follow your journeys, laugh/cry with you, and find new relationships with you that have true meaning.

So on that note... let's get to it...

Mel's Give-a-way

This give-a-way includes things I love - so here you have it...

1. Gu Chomps (watermelon) - my favorite energy chews for my long runs.

2. St. Louis Cardinals shirt (in your size) - yep you know me and my love for the Cardinals - you will LOVE them too - mwah ha ha ha ha!
 3. Luna Bars - Peppermint - LAHUVE!!!

 4. $25.00 gift card to Target - you know we all LOVE Target and I love some of their running attire.

5. A big ole bag of Swedish Fish - my favorite guilty pleasure.

6. Maybelline The Falsies mascara - the BOMB! In blackest black. Will never use anything else.

Alright there you have it - a little bit of this, a little bit of that, etc... If you want to enter - all you have to do is follow me here on my blog - click the blue "Join this site" and follow the directions... then enter the give-a-way using the rafflecopter below... Best of Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don't forget... tomorrow I will post on the 10 day Advocare Cleanse results!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cleanse, Randoms, and Birds

It is Wednesday and I am telling you what... Mel is feeling FABULOUS! Advocare Cleanse - I thank you:) Or it could be the amazing Mizzou game, last night, that I stayed up half the night watching... YEAH YA! Not so great for the Blues, with their loss to the Sharks. Womp.Womp.Womp - but I still love ya boys.

Advocare Cleanse Update:

Update on Day 8.... (Yesterday)
1. Took my Pro-biotic pills in the AM with a big glass of water
2. Drank my Fiber Drink in the AM
3. Drank a TON of water - 8 8 oz glasses
4. Ran 4 miles on the treadmill in the afternoon

What I ate: 

Breakfast: Apple and 1 rice cake with 1 tb natural peanut butter
Snack: Carrots
Lunch:1 rice cake with 1 tb natural peanut butter
Snack: Almonds
Dinner: Turkey burger MINUS the bun and corn

How I felt:

1. I am feeling AMAZING
2. I have a TON of energy
3. Running - I feel like 5 miles is my LIMIT when on this - then I get shaky and light headed. 
4. I am NOT hungry that often anymore - I have to remind myself to eat.

See Advocare has me SMILING... but what's new right? LOL
This morning I spotted my new ride... (not really.... but I wanted to ask the guy driving to let me sit shot gun)

Porsche - come to mama....
Walked into work today and saw THESE in the kitchen - for real -  WHAT?

Peppers for breakfast anyone?
Well I went in yesterday to check out the photos of the St. Louis Cardinals (as they got their pics yesterday) and these were some of my favorite "mugs". 

Of course my #1 - Mr. Matt Holliday...

Holliday - Numero Uno...

#2 - David Freese - I mean come on....


And I am sorry but HELLO Tyler Lyons - HELLO HELLO!!!!!

If you want to check out the whole team - check them out HERE - GAWD I can't wait for baseball... I can't hardly stand it.

Tomorrow is the Give-A-Way Post - WOOT!

Drive a Porsche? Peppers for breakfast? Lyons - yay or nay?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Advocare 10 Day Cleanse Update

Alright I thought a nice little post on the cleanse was in order. I made it through the weekend with NO cheating besides my whole wheat tortilla breakfast wrap before my race on Sunday.

Update on Day 7.... (Yesterday)
1. Took my Pro-biotic pills in the AM with a big glass of water
2. Drank a TON of water - 8 8 oz glasses
3. Took my 3 Herbal Cleanse Pills before bed
4. Strength Train in the PM

What I ate: 

Breakfast: 1 Rice cake with 1 tb natural peanut butter, strawberries
Snack: In a meeting - didn't eat. BOO:(
Lunch:1 Rice cake with 1 tb natural peanut butter
Snack: Carrots
Dinner: Chicken lettuce wraps and blackberries

How I felt

1. I am feeling AMAZING
2. I have a TON of energy
3. My skin is clear and looks healthy
4. I am pushing myself to go further in my workouts
5. I "may" have a short fuse but hey.... it is ALMOST over
6. I am not as hungry as I used to be - tend to have to remind myself to eat

Well you guys I am almost finished - I can't WAIT to post the results on Friday. I am chugging along just fine. I really feel after Day 4 or 5 you are just cruising along waiting for the 10th day. It is ALL mind over matter and you have to mentally prepare yourself (as well as stock your fridge with the RIGHT foods) for this to REALLY work. Now... I am not going to lie... I can't WAIT to eat a wheat english muffin for breakfast on Friday WITH butter and enjoy some type of fabulous dinner. I may/may not eat an entire bag of swedish fish too. HAHAHA - yeah you know I will... 

Only 3 more days baby
On an AWESOME note... I will be posting about my 300 follower give-a-way on Thursday. WOOT! Just think fun running/workout package... Some of my FAVORITE essentials for race day, running, and strength training AND I will probably throw in some other random things here and there. I can't wait...

Happy Tuesday (the worst day of the week)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Fun, Flirty, & Fabulous 5&5 Recap

It's Monday baby and I had an ABSOLUTE BLAST with the Fun, Flirty, & Fabulous 5&5 race this weekend. So let's recap...

Saturday my girl Laura picked up our bib and swag bag... I did some strength training on Saturday and hit my legs HARD... Also... note: I am STILL on the Advocare Cleanse - woot!!! Day 7 baby...

Sunday was RACE DAY. I ate a whole wheat tortilla that had 2 scrambled eggs in it, drank my pre-race coffee, and chugged a ton of water - NO CRAMPS is always a win... My pre-race pic...

Laura and I met Holly and Kim and away we went in Kim's stellar van to Forest park. YAY YOO! The weather was chilly but PERFECT. We did some major warming up, with the awesome women there, to some top 40 beats... I rocked out with my earphones on to some TECHNO. Yes I chose Techno for this weeks race... I will be going back to my dirty rap... it makes me legs move faster;)

The race was great - mile 1-3, fairly flat/downhill and beautiful scenery with Art Hill, Boat House, etc... I love Forest Park. The race was a loop so when you got to mile 2.5 - you turned around to head back. Mile 4 was a hill and I am not going to lie, I felt shaky, got goosebumps, and was like "yep I am going down" BUT I didn't. I pushed through. I REALLY think this cleanse and the lack of certain carbs REALLY killed me on this. I am not used to training with this cleanse - so I am blaming YOU Herbal cleanse;) LOL... Okay well anyways, I made it and finished in 45:50. Here are some shots of my girl Laura and I at the finish line.

Yes I throw up peace signs at the end....
Well... Kim kicked all of our butts with a time of 42:30 - that tall drink of water runs like a demon. I love her dearly and am SO PROUD of her. Holly did AMAZING - she ran the fastest she EVER did in her life and I am SO PROUD and stoked for our half in April.

After we hit the finish line - we immediately picked up some water, apples, bananas, protein bars, etc... and sat down for a bit.

This was a great race, great weather, and FABULOUS company. I would definitely run this one again MINUS being on the cleanse;) Well...onto the next race we will all be running together. It is on March 16th in the downtown streets of St. Louis - it is the St. Patty's Day 5 Mile Run. Erin Go Bragh!!!

Happy President's Day

Did you race this weekend? What do you eat before a race? Music on race day?