Friday, August 30, 2013

Five on Friday...

Five on Friday - here we go... Linking up with Darci from The Good Life Blog...

Camping... Not the "in the forest kind" but the "next to the pool with AC about 15 steps away" kind (in your backyard). It is going to be 7 million degrees tomorrow so instead of taking the kids camping in the deep dark woods - we are going to swim in K9Bish's pool, take the kids to Mexican for dinner, make smores in her fire pit area and camp in a tent in her backyard... Much more my style...Margarita's, Chocolate, and AC - sounds like camping to me;)

Great Fun For Kids - great blog I just found... This is her picture she created...

Top of the Riverfront Restaurant... I had dinner here on Wednesday evening with our vendor and potential clients. I have never been here before and I am so glad we went. The restaurant is on the 27th floor of the Millennium Hotel and revolves while you eat - the whole place is nothing but windows, the view is spectacular AND... the food was TOP NOTCH. Of course I had the fillet (MEAT BABY)... I will be going back and hopefully soon.

MIZ...ZOU... Tomorrow 6 PM vs. Murray St... FOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL - errrbody loves FOOTBALL...

Image from HERE.

CMSU or now they like to call it UCM. Yes that is where I went to college... October 25th weekend is homecoming and guess who is FINALLY going back after 11 years... ME!!!!! Heading up Saturday morning for "breakfast of champions", the game in the afternoon, winery in the evening, and then who knows what the night will entail. MULES BABY!!!! LOL... Good ole Warrensburg... Get ready for the "Players Club" return... BOOYA!

Fall - read my post HERE. I am DONZO with the heat - the sweating - the bare skin/toes... Bring on the clothes, cold, food... AND PUMPKIN BEER! SCHLAFLY PLEASE! 


Thursday, August 29, 2013

K9Bish Got A Check...

Happy Birthday to K9Bish

She turns the big Three Four today. Whose younger girl, whose younger? 

K9Bish (ask her why this is her nickname - it's a great story) and I have been friends for about 2 years now... I know you would think we have been friends ALWAYS... We bicker, we argue, she yells at my driving, makes fun of my awesomeness, and basically will flat out tell you she didn't like me when we first met... Of course she knew my name - HELLOOO!!! our kids went to school together - her daughter was in Elle's class and her son is in Wes's - PERFECTO! Finally when she talked to me and fell in love;)

We immediately became besties. We can rap every word to every 90's rap song - we are rap boos for sure. We share quite a few things in common and RUNNING was/is "our" thing. She pushes me, motivates me, and always supports me - no matter WHAT!!! She is honestly the MOST compassionate person I know. She wears her heart on her sleeve and would do anything to help ANYONE. Her mission in life is to go to space... no for real IT IS... She can run on a different planet solo... I love her to the moon... but not enough to hang out with no gravity.

So... to the girl who gets bruises while taking pictures, always "got a check", shakes it to Miley with me, jets off to different cities, laughs at my craziness, listens to all my stories, and is ALWAYS UNDOUBTEDLY there for me... Cheers to YOU... This girl right "huuuur" loves you....

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

So What Wednesday?

I am linking up with Shannon at Life After I Dew for one of my FAVORITES - So What Wednesday...

Here we go... So What If...

I still can't remember if I let the dog in from outside this morning?

on Monday nights after school, I lay and eat candy in bed - I don't eat dinner that night so a girl's gotta live, right?

I am going camping on Saturday and I just sent K9Bish a message asking if we should just chalk that idea and get a hotel for a night, with the kids, and just swim -.... and she responded "SOLD". Love my friends.

I send Elle to school with the BEST lunches EVER... Last night she said "Mom why do you pack so much in my lunch - I really couldn't eat all that in ONE day". It's for sharing honey, when the kid next to you has wheat sticks - share those butter snap pretzels baby... Food = friends;)

I have wanted to throat punch "someone" 5 times this week.

the Fort4Fitness half is only a month away and my goal was to be super small and guess what - I'M NOT.

my little dude decided to talk about how his "boy part" gets big every morning because he is in his "big boy" room now and Big = Big, right?

Wednesday Out
What do you say so what to this week? Camping fan? Favorite Candy?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Half Marathon Training Week 7 Update

If you are need of some attractive and functional workout attire - don't forget the giveaway going on right now... Check it out HERE

Training Schedule in BLACK - What I actually did in BLUE
Monday, August 19th - 4 miles or Rest / REST
Tuesday, August 20th - 3 miles or Cross Train / 4 MILES
Wednesday, August 21st - 4 miles / REST
Thursday, August 22nd - Rest / 4 MILES
Friday, August 23rd - 5 miles / REST
Saturday, August 24th - Rest / 4 MILES
Sunday, August 25th - 10 miles (long run) / 11 MILES

Total Miles Week 7 of Training = 23 MILES

Yep... there you have it... I definitely did NOT follow the schedule well this week but I put in some WIN!

I am feeling fine lately - hungry...but fine. I can tell I am gaining stamina - so that's a plus. I haven't weighed myself and I probably won't until next week. I need to work on my weekend eating. When I have those long runs I come home and shove everything in my face, healthy and NOT healthy. It's like "hey I will eat these carrots sticks and then chase it with Eggo waffles" - 4 of them. Yeah... no lie here...

This week I need to pull off two 4 milers, a 3 miler, a 6 miler, and a 12 miler ~ and I had school last tonight, Wednesday we are taking clients out to dinner, and Saturday the big camping extravagance begins... So I will be starting back to #4amclub... Any takers? Yeah, didn't think so...

Wanna know the best way to get people talking... BOOM!!!
Twerking IS a form of exercise;)

P.S. Everyone wants to know the definition of "twerking" - if you went to college and/or a college bar you have seen twerking in action (from THAT girl - you know the one's I am talking about). Think hard... real hard... yep... it's not a new concept just dubbed a new name. TWIIIZZZERK...
Happy Worst Day of the Week

Friday, August 23, 2013

The Real 411 on Fall...

It's the end of August and I want fall RIGHT.NOW! Fall is my favorite time of the year... I won't go into all "the leaves are pretty/the air is crisp" mumbo jumbo...


1. LAYERS & CLOSED TOED SHOES... it's time to STOP looking at people's skin and sick toes. YAY YA!!! If I have to look at another dude's crusty hair toes, I might need to buy another bottle of Tums. If I have to see another bum cheek hanging out of booty shorts on a 30+ year old woman, I might break down and cry.

2. "REAL" GOOD FOOD... Everyone can stop pretending to be all "Oh I gotta eat salad I gotta fit into my bikini". It's time for "hand me the cheese dip and brownies because I have a big a** sweat shirt on". Sianara salad and HELLOOOOOO cheese and REAL butter.

3. BEER... You know the GOOD kinda beer - WHEAT BEER. Put down the dang Bud Select 55 and pick up the heavenly Schlafly Pumpkin Ale... Sweet savory liquid that sticks to the bones:)

4. CONTACT SPORTS... Don't get me wrong, I love me some baseball BUT... bring on the men hitting one another with force. Hockey and Football HUZZAH!!!!

5. DARKNESS... Everyone knows my children are my world but when it gets dark at 5 P.M. that also means they start to fade earlier - which then turns into "Mommy Time"... An extra hour or half an hour to hear silence or NOT watch Disney. WINNING!

6. LESS YARD WORK... Honestly this doesn't directly affect me but INDIRECTLY it does. This means "you know who" can't hide in the yard all weekend "cutting the grass" - FYI... we don't have many leaves... One up for Mel...

7. HALLOWEEN... The ONE time a year I get to celebrate dressing up, looking trashy, painting that make up on, telling ridiculous jokes, and shoving chocolate in my face. It's MY favorite holiday and totally acceptable to be "Crazy Mel".

8. TRYING RECIPES... Everyone and their mother wants to "cook" in the fall - me included - so guess what that means??? more FAT INDUCED goodies get brought into work... Bring me those apple pies, pumpkin breads, cheesy dips, etc... ME HAAANGRY!

9. COFFEE ALL DAY... Yes.. fall and cooler air means I have EVERY excuse to jump out of my skin all day long... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZING!

10. RED LIPSTICK.. Nuff Said... BAAADOOWW!!!

Weekend ON...

What do you like about fall - honestly?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Still Running...

First off Congrats to Chris and Holly today - it is MOVE IN DAY! I am so excited for the both of them and can't wait to head over there and do Jager shots off that kitchen island that Holly has always dreamed about;)

I was asked how I got into running and how I tried to improve my running. I did a post awhile back on it You can read one HERE - I also wrote about when I ran my first half marathon and how I felt HERE.

I can break it down for you easily...

How I got into running... 
I have always loved exercise - all forms. I have ran in the past, on the treadmill at the gym, around my neighborhood, from the cops (kidding... or am I?) but not consistently. In 2009(10) my sister in law called me up and said "I am going to run a half marathon" and you are going to run with me today - and I did... I started REALLY running then. I trained with her (although I was NOT running the race) AND... I fell in love.

Now... to say it wasn't hard at times and training with them in the 104 degree humid heat was fun - it wasn't... but I kept at it.. and at it... and things just fell into place... It was my "outlet" and that is where I began to love it...

The first RACE I ever ran was a half marathon (it will be ONE year since I ran that race on October 7th) - I just threw myself into it.. and I was so glad I did...You can read my recap HERE.

1st Half Marathon 10/7/12
Once you run a race - you get the bug... or at least I did. I can't stop now and after this weekend's race it has been solidified... I LOVE RACING!

How I keep running...
I just do... I enjoy it.. It is MY time, my outlet, my form of release and exercise. It is just "a part of me" now. I don't follow a training schedule unless I am training for a half or marathon (which I am right now). I just get out there - I started with one mile in 2009 and it just went from there. When I "run" I usually average around 5 miles (if I am not following a training schedule). I run on an average around 3 or 4 times a week - I just MAKE the time. It's hard sometimes and I have to shuffle things around, but I do it... Running makes me happy and I like happy:)

How I upped my mileage and speed...
Truth... I didn't follow a plan. I just did it. I ran a mile - then I tried 1.5 - then 2 and so on. When I felt that the mile was getting easy I upped it by a half mile or so... I did what my body felt it could do and I pushed it sometimes, as well.. I am currently trying to up my speed, once again by following my own thing. I run a half mile at normal pace - then a half mile fast - then half normal - half fast - etc... There are TONS of training programs out there I just listen to my body and push myself. I have never really been a person to follow a plan - I like to make up my own things:)

Running is not easy but it does get easier. It takes your body time to adjust and your brain too. You go out there and want to keel over and quit - then you make a long run (whatever mileage that is for you) and you feel so proud, you run a race and finish, you find a running partner that becomes your best friend, you meet wonderful people who share a common interest, you start shedding pounds (or opposite for me;), your legs tone up, your booty lifts, and you FEEL STRONG... STRONG IS GOOD... REAL GOOD...

A couple more things...
Looks like my girl Laura (K9Bish) gets to head to Peoria, IL with us in a few weeks to run the IVS half marathon with Holly, Sami, and I - we are Running for Maggie...

The Fort4Fitness half in Ft. Wayne, Indiana is approaching quickly. If you are headed there and are planning on meeting up - please let Holly know... her email is - she loves to plan;) LOL

Thursday ON...

How did you start running? Why do you still continue to run? Peoria or Ft. Wayne running?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Walk A Mile in Our Shoes Race Re-cap

Saturday, August 17th (Elle's Birthday) I ran the "Walk A Mile In Our Shoes" 5k in Tower Grove park. This race was to raise funds and awareness for the homeless and potentially at risk here in St. Louis. Great cause...

I ate great all week - upped my water intake - and ate well the night before BUT I did incorporate more carbs at dinner - I ate a bagel on top of my dinner... thought that would be okay... BUT... you will see...

I laid out all my clothes and accessories so all I had to do was get up and go in the morning. I don't like worrying about things when I wake up - so I plan ahead and get it ready the night before.

I woke up Saturday and my stomach was somewhat upset, but hey I can push through anything. My allergies were in full gear too... with big puffy eyes and an itchy nose to match. I ate an english muffin, string cheese, banana and had a cup of coffee (my usual). I tried stomaching water but my belly was like "nope - not having it", buy hey I can push through anything, right? No water - no problem... Got myself ready and out the door I went. This was the FIRST race I ever just hopped in the car and went SOLO... and... I got lost... I know... with my MAD navigation skills, who would of "thunk" it? LOL

After I finally got myself turned around and in the right direction. I parked, walked up, and waited to meet up with Marcia from Year Twenty Nine. We were meeting for the first time and she came to watch me race and cheer me on AND I was beyond STOKED... She is so darn beautiful - her skin, honestly, is the MOST perfect I have EVER seen in my life and her smile is beyond amazing. We met up, chit chatted a bit, and then it was start time. I didn't want to run... I wanted to hang out with Marcia, hug on her doggies, and actually get to talk BUT... I was there to run. So off to the start line I went (still not much water in my system).

Marcia took pics for me - I loved it!!!
First mile felt good - really good - and my split pace was 8:04 - not bad Mel... keep it up... BUT... then I hit mile 2 AND... the side cramps started - BAD! My mouth was as dry as the desert and I was lagging. Thirsty and hanging onto my side I slowed - A LOT! Split 2 = 9:15. I felt like I was slowly moving but kept pumping my arms. I wanted to walk and my side cramps were NOT going away BUT... I saw a water station ahead. I wet my whistle and kept at it. My stomach was still upset and the mind was racing "I should be home it's Elles birthday, why didn't I just ditch the race and hang with Marcia, why didn't I make myself drink more water, I want to walk, I want to go home". Ugh... Mind games are no fun.

Mile 3 was no fun at all - the humidity was choking my already thirsty throat and I just wanted the finish line. I saw it - sprinted and DONE... 28 was my finish time. I wasn't thrilled, but hey it was OVER.

I grabbed a water and met up with Marcia to talk a bit and head home to my birthday girl. Snapped a pic and met Shannon who was AAAAAdorable... (she took this pic for us;) Good times and great people...

After the race I went home - looked up my time and guess what?? I was FOURTH for my 30-39 Female age group - WHAAAT?? If I would of pushed it harder I could of placed? AND... now I was ticked at myself like no other. For real, I could of placed... I am competitive - I never have denied that - and this just sets me off. So here is the deal... I had my "ah ha" moment - I freaking LOVE racing and this just lights a fire under me to up my speed and place in one of these dang races! 

I don't race again until the Peoria, IL IVS half marathon, BUT... I might secretly sneak another 5k in there before then or right after and PUSH IT like a mother... GET IT GIRL;)

Conclusion: Drink more water, don't throw a bagel in where not needed, get my IPOD working for some good tunes, stop thinking so much, up that DANG speed, and FREAKING PLACE!!!

P.S. - go over and show my amazing beautiful girl Marcia some love... She, unfortunately, cannot run for some time now and was fitted for a boot yesterday that she must wear for 6 weeks. She is having a rough time today. Injuries are no fun and I am sending her MANY prayers and thoughts today. Hugs girl... 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Sorry guys I am too tired to post today... Waaaaay to tired to write up my race re-cap from Saturday. I had school until 9:30 last night - running with kids solo for a few days - and meetings all day. I am adjusting - we all are...

So here are a few pics from yesterday and today... I will be back tomorrow...

Elle's First Day of Kindergarten...

Wes's First Day of Sunrays

Infamous "Sunglasses in the Car" pic and I am PALE... I need sun...

Tuesday (worst day of the week) Out...

Monday, August 19, 2013

Half Marathon Week 6 Training Update

Training Schedule in BLACK - What I actually did in BLUE
Monday, August 12th - 4 miles / 4 miles
Tuesday, August 13th - 3 ,miles or Cross Train / OFF DAY
Wednesday, August 14th - 3 miles / 3 miles
Thursday, August 15th - Rest / 3 miles
Friday, August 16th - 3 miles / 2 miles (speed work)
Saturday, August 17th - Rest / RACE DAY 3.1 miles (5k)
Sunday, August 18th - 8 miles (long run) / 10 miles

Total Miles Week 6 of Training = 25.1 miles

I believe I made up for my slacking last week - so not too shabby. I am happy with Week 6 of training. I am eating "better" (except one day a weekend or so;) so I think that is helping. I have REALLY upped my water intake MINUS race morning (that story tomorrow) - boo:( I am feeling fairly strong and can tell my endurance is getting BETTER on my long runs - so all in all training is going well.

My next race is Sept 8th in Peoria and then Sept 14th officially starts MARATHON training. I am cruising through my friends....

This week's posts will mainly be about running - so bare with me if you are not a runner: 
Tomorrow ~ My Saturday race recap
Wednesday ~ How I got into running and how I tried to improve my running - question answered for Angie
Thursday ~ My plan to increase my speed
Friday ~ Eh... who knows on this one...

Sorry this is short and sweet - I am getting ready to wake up my baby for her 1st day of kindergarten and the water works are all ready started. 

Monday Out... 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Five On Friday

It's Friday and it's link-up time with the beautiful Darci from The Good Life Blog...

Texts... I love these texts, I love the Cardinals, AND... I am going to see my Birds next Friday night with K9Bish and Holly. Yeah a GNO with the boys of summer and my favorite girls.

Changes... Elle turns 6 tomorrow and starts kindergarten on Monday. Wes starts a new class at daycare Monday AND... I start school Monday night. AGH!!!! Transition City...

Big Sean... No explanation needed. I adore this song.

Six Flags... We had a wonderful time at Six Flags on Tuesday. Elle was so happy to be with her friends and enjoyed all the rides MINUS the Screaming Eagle that I took her on - worst experience of my life. I will spare you the details because I prayed to GOD about 20 times to please just let the ride stop and not let her fall out... AND just the thought of it now creeps me out. Poor sweet girl.

Jager... Root beer barrels anyone? Saw this truck at 8:00 A.M. this morning and had the gag reflexes.

This weekend we have so many fun things planned for Elle's birthday. I am looking forward to sharing them with you next week... and on IG this weekend;)

Weekend ON!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fashion from a NON Fashionista...

Yesterday I talked about MUSIC... today shall be fashion... if you can't tell I am in a blogging rut... On that note - if you have anything you are interested in me blogging about or want to know - just ask me in a comment and I will definitely get right on that:)

Here we go... Fashion from the girl who believes in blazers, booties, and the color black. If you are not aware, I wear the color black 99% of the time. I find it age appropriate, slimming, and a staple color everyone must have:) I am one of those people who puts on an outfit, looks in the mirror, and thinks "is this appropriate for this 33 year old mama of two"? Now... I will get risky here and there (depending on the occasion), but I try to stick with this mentality "cover the bum, the bbs, and less is more with jewelry".


- I own a TON of blazers/jackets, because I don't like my arms and I just feel that when you cover your arms it gives you a more slender look. Blazers/Jackets and I are friends...

- I love leggings/skinnies. I feel you can dress them up or down. Roll them up to show off some cute booties with a cute long tunic or throw on a white T shirt and some sandals and off you go. Leggings/skinnies rock my world.

- I don't wear necklaces often. Jewelry and I can be tricky. I like earrings and of course bracelets - but necklaces and I - eh... I feel like they look good on other people but on me I look like "No Neck Nelly" when I wear them. In the jewelry dept I go with "less is more". A cute wrist, well dressed lobe, and bared neckline is an A+ in my book. (my book means nothing I tell you;)

Sorry about the geeky arm pose
- Rompers/Jumpsuits - ummmmm... you pretty much know I love them, maybe not going to the restroom when you wear them, but I still adore them. I also think they are slimming with the right shoe and of course a BLAZER!

- Scarves - a nice scarf can totally change an outfit for me. So many ways to wear them and you can add pops of color with them, plus I think they are classy. I even would tell you to go for that scarf pin - it might be ole school but ole school is the epitome of classy.

- Shoes - I am extremely picky about shoes. When I shoe shop - plan on spending at least 3-4 hrs until I find the "right" pair. I am going to be honest here - I don't like cheaply made shoes. When I buy a pair of shoes I KEEP that pair for many, many, many years. I wear them OFTEN and want them to keep up the wear and tear. I like classy shoes that can be worn with MANY different outfits. Hence... I own a ton of black and tan shoes:)

- Make-up. Play up the eyes and down the lips BUT... if you have been following me you know I love my red lipstick in the fall/winter so then I will play down the eyes and play UP the lips... It's all about balance - too much makeup turns me off immediately and who want's to do that;) LOL I am also a huge fan of ALL NATURAL..

Alright enough fashion mumble jumble for the day... I am not a fashionista - nor will I ever be - I just enjoy looking classy and FRESH. YES... I finally got to use that word!

In other news... keep this one in the back of your head... I am going camping at the end of August with K9Bish and our kids - just us girls and the good old wilderness AND... you all know how much I love camping. We may may/not get out alive. Troop Beverly Hills RIGHT HERE!!! HA..

Happy Thursday

What do you consider appropriate for a 33 year old? How do you wear jewelry? Favorite shoe brand?