Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Had to give...

Just wanted to say hello to the blogging world. I am still here. Things are going well, honestly, very well.

I know it has been a hot minute since I blogged so I thought a quick stop in felt appropriate. Sorry this is all TEXT I am sure you are sick of seeing all my pics on IG - so I will spare you on this one:)

Here is the deal, I was packing my life with a TON of stuff - never saying "no" to anything - and while I love a life filled with shenanigans - I needed to slow my roll. I have quite a bit going on and sometimes "I" need to sit back and re-evaluate. Certain "things" were not bringing me JOY anymore and as much as I kept telling myself they were - truth was THEY WERE NOT!


School is going well, it is still on Monday nights from 5:30-9:30 - so LONG night. This accounting class is HARD - it is not clicking so I am taking extra time to study my booty off. Every free moment I get I have my book out and/or notes doing problems or trying to understand the terminology. I have my final exam next Monday night and then onto the 4th class in the program. AGH!!! I am ready for this class to be over, but so glad I didn't let the challenge of this course stop me from pursuing on.

Work is great, very busy with many projects going on and I am traveling a bit these next few months - so work has me BUSY - but I LOVE IT!

Family is great. E has some changing going on at his place of business, so waiting on the outcome of all that. The kids are hysterical - I am spending extra time with them lately and loving every second of it. These 2 crack me up like no other. Elle and Wes start t-ball soon - yes you heard that right "Elle is playing t-ball", I am giving her 2 practices and then we will see:) She is the girl who needs drink breaks after 5 minutes of physical activity - LOL. Kids are still in swimming and Elle can FINALLY swim. YAY!  So basically Wednesday is Elle's dance night, Thursday Wes swims, Saturday morning Elle swims - so we will see where t-ball fits in.

Elle is too much - she's a smarty, SUPER nosey, and a SASS A FRAS, love her. Wes is so sweet and asking so many interesting questions lately, like this morning "When do we die?" - fun...;) and his new phrase is "I am not a fan of..." and he likes to tell me I am a "hot mess". Oh and at the dinner table the other night he said "O.M.G. that is gross". WHAT? O M G - where did he learn that?

I bought a car (Acura MDX) on a Saturday, that Tuesday someone SMOKED me. I was driving down the street, they were parked and didn't look before they pulled out and $7000 later and a rental - here we sit. I don't even remember what my new car looked like:( At least they were insured and it wasn't my fault.

AND... finally... exercise/fitness/running... I haven't done much at ALL and I am OKAY with this. I scaled back on all of this... running to the gym, running long distances on the weekend mornings, lifting, running on the treadmill... I put all of this on the back burner. I am still working out here and there - trying to eat right - and doing the norm but being honest, I am doing LITTLE.

It actually has been nice to reconnect with myself internally and focus on certain aspects of my life that needed some "Mel time". It's refreshing to rejuvenate myself.

With all this being sad, the beginnings of March will prompt a fresh new start for me. New class, spring is closer, and running outdoors starts. I will be using IG to hold myself accountable - so be aware as you might get annoyed;) Oh... and Turbo Kick is now a new found favorite of mine. So here is to a fresh start.

Happy (soon to be) March

Thursday, February 6, 2014

School is in session...

Happy Thursday... and to me that means I have a quiz due tomorrow and another Exam on Monday. With all that being said, I am going to scale back on the blogging for awhile. This class is harder for me than the others and I am going to devote the majority of my time to studying. The next class is Statistics and I will need extra time to study for that course, as well. I am hoping to test out of the class for the summer session, so I might be back in swing by then...

Race season is also creeping up on us quickly and you know where I will be, either hitting the pavement or on the treadmill. I have signed up for a few fun races this spring, summer, and fall and I can't wait to start training again.

I will pop up here and there and update on the family, life, friends, race recaps, school, etc... but for now I need to get through these classes. I will still be on Instagram - my favorite place EVER:)

 Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement.