Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What I have been thinking...

Well hello there everyone... I hope you all are doing stellar this here almost Mid May;) I took a step back from blogging (not IG you know I can't leave my true love - LOL) and I truly believe it has taught me a few things. This post will be open and honest and so it goes...

1. People are crazy or sad... or crazy and sad... You can get so caught up in the Internet world that you forget to look at things from an "outsider". An "outsiders" perspective can be very different then when you are all "up in the mix". Not that being crazy or sad is a bad thing - it is just a different perspective that I had not related to in awhile.

2. Life is passing and time is not about to stop - that beautiful breeze in the backyard feels so good on my pasty skin... that screaming kid telling her brother "you are NOT the best brother anymore" still has the cutest button nose and longest killer eyelashes... Playing Connect 4 367 times in a row IS fun... Sleeping in, in the mornings is AMAZING. I had gotten so caught up in "finding the time" to write posts that I passed some of these things up here and there.

3. I enjoy browsing and then moving on. I would over analyze, re-read, analyze again, etc... It feels nice to skim and move on about my day.

4. Laughter... I missed laughing. I laugh that is just WHO I AM... and I was losing that about myself. I wasn't laughing as much anymore - I was getting stressed, hurt, and fun Mel was becoming somewhat of a "fun sponge".

5. Competitive Mel was rearing her ugly head... I have never been one to dismiss the fact that I am a competitive person but sometimes this can get out of control. I always root for everyone to reach their dreams, potential, and/or fulfill their goals and there was a part of me that was getting annoyed and spiteful. That is NOT ME! I don't like that part of me, even though comparing ourselves to one another is human nature - it can spiral out of control and I was headed down that road. I had to NIX that in the bud with a quickness. Feels nice to have the "good ole Mel" back.

6. Validation... I admit, getting validation from others was nice (if anyone tells you that they don't enjoy validation from others, they are LYING in my opinion) - but was it truly needed? No it wasn't. I have wonderful friends and family that support and encourage me. My friends IRL and the one's I have met online that are now my life long friends, love me for me and know the real me.

7. Not everyone will like or understand me... Yes it is true I struggle with this. I want to be a good person that people walk away from and say "she was really nice, I enjoyed meeting her" but truth is, NOT everyone will understand or like me. After I took a step back I realized that I can be the nicest person on the planet and SOMEONE will always find something negative to say or think. No I don't think it is okay, but I deal with it better now.

8. I am a passionate girl... Yep... I am passionate about what I do and that included blogging and sometimes being completely passionate can make or break you. I was caught up in posting EVERY SINGLE DAY, trying to make my content worthwhile, and/or giving the readers what THEY want to hear. That type of passion turned into resentment and time spent doing something that just didn't bring me that much joy anymore. Sad, but true.

With all this being said, I still love the blog world and the wonderful relationships it forms, help it provides to those in need, and... not going to lie, entertainment. To say I am done blogging is a LIE... I love popping in and saying hi, sharing stories of my life, and seeing how everyone is doing. I just felt compelled to state these eight findings today for my own personal reference.

Hope this finds you all well and have a wonderful rest of May:)